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Hello Mom's...I'm not sure if ezzet is new to the board, but just wanted to make sure she was known. She posted a response to my "having a rough time post" and I know she could use some of the love and support you all have given me. Her son's birthday is coming up tomorrow, and I can only imagaine the pain she will feel. I have yet to experience Samuel's b-day without him. His 20th b-day will be October 20 and I know it will not be easy.

Thanks again MOMS for all your love and support.


Re: ezzet

I don't think I have met her. I will be praying for you ezzet. March we had the first birthday without her and then July we had the first anniversary of her murder. They were hard days. Harder then the normal days are now. Please know that I will be praying for you to be sent some comfort for tomorrow. I know that it is so hard to want to wake up each day without our child, but he needs you to be his voice so please don't do anything to hurt yourself. We are here if you need to talk.

Re: ezzet

I hope ezzet will re-visit so we may show her that she is not alone on her journey. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers...Laura & AV