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Road side memorials

It seems we here in California have people complaining about roadside memorials, you know it’s just clutter.
So the deal is if a family pays $1,000 they can put up a roadside memorial. One thousand dollars to put up a sign that says please don’t drink and drive and a few flowers. Boy what our state won’t do to generate a little money.
Jim’s Mom

Re: Road side memorials

Isn't that just terrible? They made a big deal about this one on a pretty busy h/w people sayng it made their are look trashy but the family kept it up nice, as far as I know they still put the stuff there. Me, anytime I put stuff down they take it away, but the crazy g/f goes and hangs balloons nd flwers lights candels and that stuff is still there!!! I just don't get it. A $1000 that's ridiculous!!!

Re: Road side memorials

Gosh Shirley, how dare we remind them that a life was lost? Don't you know that we are supposed to just get over it and move on? I do have to admit that the memorial for Kaylin was left for over a month and the City had to take it down because the people kept leaving lighted candles. There was a sign from the Fire Dept telling them that the memorial site was approved and asking that due to high fire danger to not light candles and offered suggestions of glow sticks and such. Since there were people who insisted on lighting candles, the site had to come down. The City did box everything up for us so that we could have everything and they expressed their condolences that it ahd to be removed. Maybe we should take up collections and in every place we can put up memorial signs for MOMS. I do agree that $1,000.00 is too much. Funny how we have to pay to have our children memorialized but they sure don't mind paying for the murderers to eat everyday. You want to save money California? Then put up the tents and bring on the pb&j. We should not be paying that much to keep an inmate "happy." Sorry it just makes me mad that the rights are all backwards.

Re: Road side memorials

I am so sorry to hear this! I know the park board keeps taking the things down I leave in the park for Andre'. We wouldn't want families to know someone was shot to death where they are having thier picnic now would we? So, sad!!! $1000 that is ridiculous!!!!

Re: Road side memorials

What a crock Shirley. You are right anyway at all they can profit off our pain and the murder of our children. Someone should write to ole Scwartzie there and tell him that the least they could do is pay for it out of the crime victims fund as they will spend millions to support the low lifes so what is a meager $1000 to remember the victims? It is amazing now isn't it. Luv n Hugs...Laura & AV