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Laura and AV,
I am so sorry for the way that you are feeling. Of course your daughter matters to all of us. I don't get here like I used to before I started working and going to school. I don't even have time to go on my Gene's website. I have not updated it for almost a year now and I feel so bad about it. I think about all of you and your angels all the time. I ask God in my prayers everyday to bless us all and keep us strong and to care for our angles in his most loving way. I will watch the video. I promise. And I want to thank you and AV for always remembering my Gene and putting his pictures in some of your videos. Take care and God bless you...always.

Re: Sorry

Angie...Thank you for replying and we always try and include our angels in the videos and your welcome but we do it to keep all their memories alive. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as well. My advocate/counselor tells me that it is too hard to depend on other MOMS as support even though she herself lost her daughter to murder. I often tell her about our group and she always says that we are in too many different states of emotions to be dependable for each other. I keep telling her she is wrong and that only us moms really understand each other. I do realize that some moms are in different places emotionally and have different schedules but it just seems like so many read the post and were active on the message board but weren't responding to Lisa's and that really hurt our feelings. Trust me I know how hard it is sometimes to come to this board and often question coming back on...it is so hard to see others moving forward with their trials and to watch knowing ours may never ever happen. I do want justice for all the moms/angels but sometimes it is hard knowing that Lisa's may never come and no one seems to care. They never call us and we have to call them only to hear he isn't ready and the prognosis is poor and they don't really seem to care. Yet they spent thousands on the murderer and he gets attention 24/7 it just seems so wrong and can really stir up some emotions. But I think it would be harder to not have the moms I met on this board if I drifted away because I can't imagine getting through this alone without being able to share what we are all going through. Thanks again for responding...Laura & AV