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i couldnt believe it....this morning on the news i saw a thing about a guy that got 140 years for ATTEMPTED murder...the catch was, HE SHOT AT A COP...what the heck...so, if jeremy had been old enough to be a cop, then he would have gotten some justice...it just made me sick...i burst into tears...it doesnt make sense to me...a human being is a human being...in my bible it tells me that we are all created equal...so why does the cop get justice while we sit here and rot...my son may have been a cop if hed gotten a chance to grow up...why did she only get 5 years for actually killing my son, while this other guy gets 140 years for ALMOST killing a COP?!?! im sorry, but im FURIOUS!!!!!

Re: justice?

Julie...I am so sorry and understand your pain. The guys that shot my son have not gone to trial yet, but when I hear what little bail they got compared to what other's received who did not even commit murder I get upset. It really is a sorry system.

Hugs to you Julie


Re: justice?

I often wonder the same thing my situation is different than yours because the POS will never get out of prison, but what makes a police officer's life worth more than our children's lives. Is this officer's life really worth 135 more years than Jeremy's. I think NOT!
This is just one of the things that need to change and I honestly believe if we moms stick together our voices will be heard through one of our videos or an e mail we will get through but we all need to stick together there is power in numbers.
Love you much
Jim's Mom

Re: justice?

There is no justice that will ever bring our children back and then we are victimized over and over again by the pathetic justice system. We plan on pulling out all the stops down our road for justice and attacking those responsible, knocking on the doors til they answer and doing whatever we can to see that someday Lisa will get some sort of justice as we have seen to many injustices on this board. I know we can't control many things that happen and we I think are naive when our children are murdered and for some stupid reason think we will be treated properly and our children will be represented. Wow what a stupid idea that is...Wake Up Call...No one cares and the criminals get everything....Laura & AV

Re: justice?

Doug knows a guy who just got 40 years for having illegal fireworks. I guess having illegal fireworks is more important then murder. We just lost a child right? But now we can all be safe from seeing roman candles blasting off in the middle of the night. (sarcasm intended) I know I feel much safer knowing that he is off the streets and won't be selling or setting off his fireworks. Don't you all feel safer too? Yet they always want to try to plea murderers down to 2,3 or 4 years. How do they sleep at night knowing that someone who took a life can be out before someone who had fireworks? Makes no sense at all and our justice system is WRONG and needs to be FIXED.

Re: justice?

Just my 2 cents worth if no one minds LOL, I don't think any justice that we ever get will be good enough at least in my opinion. I just want my son back. I feel terrible for those whose cases are opened and no arrests were made I always thought that would happen to me. I feel awful what Laura/AV are going thru knowing who the responsible person is and he is getting exactly what he wanted in the first place and the only way he got it was by killing sweet Lisa, and those who get away with it like Michelle for her son Tony because of complete stupidity and that guy gets to walk.

Even though 2 are arrested and waiting for trial I know they are not out on the street right now hurting anyone, but it's too late for my son. He was just an innocent kid walkng home from the store. I'll never understand it, I'll never feel the same and I don't think even though they are locked up right now and God only knows what will happen at trial, will it ever bring me any peace????? At this point in my life, the answer is no. A piece of me is missing never to be returned and there is nothing out there, no matter what happens, will make any of that change. I'll never be the same.

I'll never understand any of what we any of us live thru, the pain is to enormous for me to even grasp some days. I wonder so many times how the hell do I even get out of bed.

I just hope and pray that God's justice is far worse than man's because no matter how I look at it, my life has been shattered.

God Bless
Love all
Timmy's mom

Re: justice?

So true there is no real justice, even though the POS that murdered my Jimmy is in prison for the rest of his miserable life it won't bring Jim back. there are days that I just ache for him so bad I wonder why am I even still here just to try to live through this pain? I feel like I am waiting in line for my time to go and don't care how soon it comes. I have told my family don't cry for me because when my time comes I will embrace it because that is when I will be with my baby once again.
Love ya
Big Jim's Mom