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Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Hello MOMS,

I hope you all are doing well. I've been reading the posts and see a lot of us MOMS are struggling with keeping our children’s stories alive. We want to make sure our precious babies are never forgotten. As most of you know, I have a blog that I have been keeping for a couple of years. I have a few dedicated readers, but I’ve had over 15,000 visitors to my site. Now I know that is not a lot, but I wanted to ask you all if you would be ok with me posting our stories on my blog. I was thinking of posting a picture and any other information you would like about your child and also how you are doing. I really want this to be a resource where other moms who are going through this nightmare with us can find the support you all have given me. It’s just an idea I’ve been toying with. I know someone in the group has a list of all our children’s b-days and the day of death, phone numbers, address, etc. but I can’t remember who has it. Can someone let me know? I would love to be able to call others when I am down, but to also send cards, letters, etc. It helps so much to know someone is thinking about you and cares. You get all these things when the death first happens, but it eventually dies down, and people go on with their lives.

My blog has always been a great outlet for me, but I want to use it to do more. I want to keep our children’s stories alive, to let the world know that they were here, even if just for a short time, and that they made a difference and we love them!

Let me know how you all feel about my idea. You can e-mail me or just respond here. I’m also always on Yahoo IM at isaidaveale. My e-mail is isaidaveale@yahoo.com. The link to my blog is here.


I would love to keep our stories and our babies
stories alive.

Much love,

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Dear Isaida
I went to your blog and of course being computer illiterate couldn't figure out how to blog back,so here goes on the messageboard.I love your idea and want to be the first to give some info on my son Nicky Pisano who can be found here page 4 and his newest sight last-memory.of ( I like this one better).All of his info is on these pages and I would love for you to use them as long as it won't interfere with his trial which is June 7th 2010.Some other mothers might know more about this than me.
This sight was a God send to me too,as I found alot of support at a time when I felt nothing but despair.
Alot of moms were looking at blogs about their children's murder which were hurtful responses,so they stopped going there.I guess that's why I was never interested in the blog thing.Nothing was ever blogged about my son,but his wasn't high profile.Thank God
Anyway it is a great idea and again I am sorry for the loss of your Samuel,I loved the pool pics as Nicky was quite a fish himself,and the water reminds me of him.Seems like everything reminds me of him.
His headstone is beautiful,I'm sure you can't wait to see it,and place flowers there for him.Many,many hugs to you and your family and Manuel will be fine,he looks like he comes from good stock grandma.LOL

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

OOPS I forgot,Kim has the list and I'm sure she will add you and send an email copy.She's great at organizing these things.That's cause she doesn't sleep LOL KIM Love you ladies

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Hi Barb,

I would love to post about your Nicky. I will check out his page, and will not post anything without your approval first. I would like to talk to you via phone or e-mail so you can tell me what you would like people to know about Nicky and also how you are coping. I've gotten a lot of people on my blog from searches they've done, and maybe our stories can help other MOMS. I would never post anything to jepordize any trials. This is just to keep our childrens memories alive, it can be anything you would like to share.

As far as navigating my blog. If you look on the right hand side, it has the months listed and also the years. When you click on the months or years, it shows all I've posted during that time. Also below certain posts you will see labels, if you click on the label, like Samuel it will bring up all I've posted on Samuel. Also comments can be left on my blog by clicking left me some love/comments.

I look forward to chatting with you about Nicky and getting his story up.

Much love


Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Hi. I do have an address phone numbers list and I didn't have your email to send it to you. It only has the MOMS who responded when we asked who wanted to be on it. Email me your info and I will make sure to send it to you. Our kids dates are on it but if you want the dates of all the kids then they are on the memory pages on this site. I went through one time and input everyone that was on the list at that time. on the calendar. I need to go in and add the new ones.
You can use any of Kaylin's information on her memorial sites and on the friends don't let friends die site. She has two memory sites. One is www.kaylinmarie-mathews.last-memories.com the other is www.kaylinmariemathews.memory-of.com and then www.friendsdontletfriendsdie.com.

I used to blog but I stopped shortly after Kaylin died. I have been thinking about starting it up again. I think it is a wonderful idea and you can use anything off of her pages. The more we keep our kids stories out there the better I think. :)

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Hi Kim, I searched through old posts but couldn't find your e-mail. Can you e-mail me at isaidaveale@yahoo.com so I can get you my information for the list. Thanks!

I will definitely do a post on Kaylin. I will let you see what I write for approval before I post anything.


Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Dear Isaida
My computer is acting up and it is hit or miss when I can see messages or send them.Wed and Thurs are bad days for me to look at anything as I work 7p to 7 a and am just too exhausted to comprehend anything.I will get back to your blog on Friday evening and write more to you then.Thanks for thinking of us,and you hang in there too okay? I, like all the other MOMS love having our children remembered as we are their only voice and will never allow them to just become a faded memory.I will get my number to you,I would love to talk to you,just give me a few days.Love and God Bless

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

You can go to my Jim's site and use any info from there my e mail is shirleys52@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions. The POS that murdered Jim has been tried,convicted and is spending the rest of his miserable life in prison so any information you want is OK to print.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Our Stories/Our Children's stories

Isaida..We have visited your site and really enjoyed "meeting" your beautiful family. My daughter is in to photography a little bit since she took a class in college and I also enjoyed looking at your pictures...very nice. I am always so envious cuz my pictures are very laughable and you can always tell that I was the "photographer" if you could even call it that...lol. You are more than welcome to use any and all info on Lisa and she has two websites...Last Memories and Memory of...I have attached the links below. If there is ever anything specific you need as far as info or pictures let me know as I am always want to share Lisa and her story so she is never forgotten. I think it is a great idea and I hope that you will receive support in this project. I have found the projects are helpful to me emotionally and I get to know the angels. It is very sad however and does take a toll seeing the beautiful angels and thinking about devastated their families are and what is left of our so called lives. Thanks for thinking of us and inviting Lisa to be on your website...Laura & AV