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Websites, what a scam!


I need to vent here because only you would understand. I paid for Mark's site on Last-memories last week before it would go inactive. This is only my second time paying and I do it monthly because of what happened to Mark's other site. I went on his site on Saturday morning to light a candle and it says it hasn't been paid for. I emailed them right away, but as of right now, no reply back. I don't understand, I even received my receipt via email. It's very sad, all this BS is! Losing my son and can't even light a simple candle when I want to. I'm so fed up with everything!

Thank you for listening ladies, I appreciate it. Hugs to you and your beautiful Angels!

Re: Websites, what a scam!

Randi, I understand. I went to light a candle for Mark and couldn't. I was very happy with their site and response before but lately I have sent them emails and they are not responding. I received an email from a MOM here and the message didn't come through and I emailed them about that. I also was asking about why I can't view the Visitor's stats when I request them. I emailed over a week ago and still no response. I think if they are having problems they should let us know. Of course it is not the same as them keeping you from Mark's site right now. I guess I just don't get why once you join it seems like the customer service goes down hill. The last response I DID get was no help at all either. I had been recommending this site for their quick customer response and now I am still waiting for answers to questions weeks later. I hope they take care of getting Mark's site back up soon. I guess they don't understand how important it is for us to be able to visit and light candles.

Re: Websites, what a scam!

Just keep at them send the same e mail over and over again they will take care of the problem cause they will get tired of deleting your e mails. It sounds like their billing department needs to get it together.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Websites, what a scam!

Randi have you posted in their forums too? It might help since it kind of let's it be public and if others are ahving the same problem they can let you know too. I finally put my message on the forums and it looks like they ahve been having problems with the visitor stats for a very very long time.

Re: Websites, what a scam!

Thanks MOMS for your advice. Mark's site is up and running again, I guess it takes about a week for the payment to go through. I also never knew that Last-memories had a forum, how do you go on it?

Hugs to you and your beautiful Angels