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Trying to get Andre's story back in the public eye

I contacted the man in charge of the blog for the Kansas City Star news paper in the hopes that he can help me get Andre's story back in the public eye so just maybe his case can get solved. I am looking into any thing to get his story back out there in the eye of Kansas City.It is hard since I no longer live there.The bloggers on this site had some pretty mean things to say when this first happened so I am bracing myself.But, i'll take a few jabs to get his story out.

Re: Trying to get Andre's story back in the public eye

Do you have a reward fund set up? If you do and have it thru the Crime Commission they should be able to help you set something up with the news media, maybe for cold cases, (so sorry to have to say that) or something like that. Our crime commission (some call it crime stoppers, etc.) helped me keep my son's name out in the news in the beginning, but I think if there is a reward fund and something still hasn't happened that maybe they should be able to help you.

Good luck and God bless

Timmys mom

Re: Trying to get Andre's story back in the public eye

Dear Vicki
If you don't have any monetary means to get your son's story out and the press won't help you,try what I did.I put my son's picture and a poem or message in the area paper,you can call and get an online connect.His killers were caught but the trial isn't till June 7th 2010.I keep his picture out there so when jury is selected my son's picture and how much he means to us is plastered,so some juror might say hey I remember that kid.You might just want to put a pic of Andre in obit section and leave a message about how they can call if there is any info.It may sound like a stretch but I found it worth a try.My son's murder didn't really attract much media attention,ya know here today gone tomorrow.Call the area paper and see how much a pic and a message would be.I won't know if this worked till the trial but I figured I'd try anything to keep him in the thoughts of others,and let them know how much he is loved and missed.Love Always and God Bless

Re: Trying to get Andre's story back in the public eye

Thank you both.Bette I did get a hold of the det. and ask if crimestoppers has a reward he told me to call them they told me there is a standard $1000.00 for felonies.I am going to contact the Kansas City news paper and TV news stations but I am sure if they agree to do a story they will want me to come up there and I can't right now.I will let you all know what happens. Thank you.

Re: Trying to get Andre's story back in the public eye

Vickie have you contacted America's Most Wanted or anything like that? Wouldn't it be nice in all these trash shows if their was a series that was devoted to bringing awareness to "cold" cases? If there is anything we can do then let me know. I can write letters, make phone calls, and as always I will pray for the MOMS.