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im here

just a quick note to let ya'll kow that im on my vacation...and, yes, im lovin it...havent seen kayt yet... but im sure it wont be long...my grandson is GREAT...gotta og...love u moms...thank u for helping me relax to enjoy this....love and hugs, julie

Re: im here

Man. I am glad you are there but I was really gonna call you and sing to you before you left. Now I have to find a different song and call you when you get home. :) I am so happy to hear that you did it and I bet one look at that grand baby and you forgot you ever worried about going huh? You have a good time girl. Store up on baby kisses and enjoy your time with the kids. Enjoy your visit with Kayt too. Love ya Lady Jule

Re: im here

Yes!!!!! Alright Shulie. I knew you just had to get a little jump start. You all have a great time and tell us about it when you get back. Give the grand baby a kiss from ole Aunt Sharon.

Re: im here

Hey girl knew once you got there you would be O so glad you decided to go. I know how hard that is the thing about wanting to go but not wanting to go. I am so glad you are lovin it. Get lots of pictures to share and give that grandbaby a hug from me too.
Love ya
Jim's mom