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shes already out!!!

i just got a letter today in the mail...notifying me that shawna would be released on july 13,2009...that was 4 days ago...im sick...absolutely sick...my head is swimming...ive been feeling so weird lately...now i understand what was causing it...somewhere deep down inside i knew that she was walking the streets...my heart is breaking all over again...this is going to be the death of me...i didnt think i could feel any worse...but i do...i feel like ive been slapped in the face again...what do i do now? just buck up and take it? i have to go on this vacation in 2 days and now i have to do it with this hanging over me...omg...and they didnt even inform me beforehand...the letter itself is dated july 14,2009...and it says "she will be released from our custody on july 13,2009"...is this some kind of joke? because if it is, im not laughing..brad says that she'll screw up and go back...the letter says that if she violates they'll notify us. all i can do now is sit and wait for that notification. anyway...im gonna go cry for awhile....i love you all

Re: shes already out!!!

Oh Julie. This is awful and all of our nightmares too. Is there any way that you can monitor her? I have something to say but I will wait for chat. I think Brad is right. She will do something to go back, but it doesn't help in the mean time. I just wish I had the words to tell you how sorry I am and how awful I know this is. It is not right that they get slaps on the wrist and we never get our child back. It is wrong. Just wrong. I love you and am praying for you.

Re: shes already out!!!

You buck up girl. That is all you can do. You go on your vacation have fun and cry (with your family). I think this is the best time you could have picked for this trip. The Lord probably had something to do with the timing. He wanted you all to be together as you sort out your feelings and come to grips with this outrageous injustice. You know what I feel like doing to the witch, however it would make me no better than her. I think she will probably be one of those revolving doors that spends time in prison on and off for many years. Take care. You and Brad have a safe trip and I will be praying for you.

Re: shes already out!!!

What a bunch of BS you should at the least been informed before hand. The B will screw up and go back I know that doesn't mean much right now. Hopefully she will get hit by a bus or some other very large vehicle.
Hang in there and have a good time on your vacation.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom

Re: shes already out!!!

So sorry Julie, that was also Timmy's 2 year angelversary. I have a thing with the 13th anymore, just shows me how bad luck that number really is when I hear this kind of stuff.

You should have been notified, what's wrong with our justice system????

Wish I knew what to say. I don't know I'd be losing it too, these few weeks past have been so hard on me.

Try and hang in there.

God Bless
Timmy's mom