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Ok, I already told ya'll about the kitty two days ago. Today she sent signs too. My family sent flowers to us today. They are beautiful, purple wildflowers with a butterfly and one yellow rose. When I called to thank my sister, she asked how they looked. I told her and she said, "A rose? The ones we ordered didn't have any roses." I told her that there was only the one yellow rose and that it was by the butterfly. Well, then we both started laughing. I didn't think I would laugh at all today. My mom collected roses, so the rose represents her to us. When I moved to CA her ring tone was the Yellow Rose of Texas and the yellow rose is my mom to me. So my sister said, "I guess mom is letting you know that she is with you too and that she and Kaylin (the butterfly) are together." When looking at the arrangement that she ordered, there is no rose in it.

When we went to the place she was found to leave flowers, it was hard being there. AA white butterfly flew all around us and followed us as we hiked up the trail leading to the ravine. It stayed while we were there and then flew back down the trail as we left. So I think that she let us know she was with us today.

Noodle was even more insistent that she be touching us and Nova followed us all over too. I didn't think I would be able to get out of bed today but all of her signs helped us to make it through. We had our hard moments but we had support and signs all day long. Thank all of you for being there for us. I know you understand. Love ya'll.

Re: SIgns

It makes me happy in my heart to hear your Kaylin and mom came to visit and that your day wasn't all sadness. Sounds like your mom and kaylin are now teaming up on you.
Love ya Kiddo
Jim's mom