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Kaylin's Angel Day

Kim..just wanted to let you know that your beautiful daughter Kaylin is in our thoughts today and always..We will always be here for you and our girls our together I know that..The kitten/squirrel are proof of that lol..If you need anything we are just a phone call away..luv to you and your family..
AV & Laura
We are bound by our angels forever....

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

Thank you Laura. So this is my year poem. I am betting she is sitting there asking her angel friends, "Why does she think she has to write a poem for everything?" LOL
A Year

It's been a year since I've seen your face,
Heard your voice, felt your embrace.

It's been a year since I've heard you say,
"I love you" or "I'll do it my way."

It's been a year since I've heard your laugh
I'd give anything to just hear that.

It's been a year, since you went away.
So why does it still hurt like it happened today?

~~Kim Lasater

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

Beautiful poem and so true. Thinking of you and your family.

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

The poem is beautiful, just want to let you know you guys were on my mind and in my heart yesterday but not only yesterday you are all there always.
I know how hard the one year mark is and I am so glad your Kaylin and mom came to cheer you up a bit.
Love Ya
Jim's mom

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

Dear Kim
I loved your poem and I'm sure Kaylin did also.I also loved the video, you go girl! Thanks for including my Nicky it is always heart warming to see him included.I hope today is finding you a little less sad.You and your family are in my thoughts daily as are all of our angels.Love Always and God Bless

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

That is a beautiful poem! I am thinking and praying for you and your family today.

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

sending my prayers to you kim and your family joann hubert mom

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

Kim I know each day that passes, the holidays, the birthdays and our angelversary's are the hardest deepest pain we go thru, I know no words will give you comfort, Timmy's 2 years is coming and I'm already a total mess. I pray you find some comfort in all your sweet memories. I love your poem, God bless you and your family, today, tomorrow and for all the angelveraries we shall endure.

Timmy's mom

Re: Kaylin's Angel Day

I felt that Kaylin was with us and I did not fall apart to the extent I felt I would. I still fell apart but I honestly didn't think I would be able to get out of bed that day. The kitten and the rose and butterfly comforted us. The fourth of July was harder then I thought. I was thinking that the 1st would be the hardest but it was the 4th. All day long I kept thinking, this is the day last year that they did the autopsy. This is the day they were cutting into my baby. I also kept thinking how long it was before we were even allowed to see her. 8 days. It was a week and 1 day before I could even see her last year. Remembering the pacing like zombies. The wondering when we would see her and praying that when we did it wouldn't REALLY be her. I kept replaying everything on the 30th and the 1st too. On the 30th I would look at the clock and think, this is when the people saw her at the ice cream place. This is when she was dying and I didn't know. This is when I was wondering if she was mad at me because she didn't come home or call. The first knowing the time they found her and realizing that a year ago I had no idea my child was dead. Not hearing the news and just praying for her. Then knowing that at 11:00 p.m. I heard that she was found and just knowing that it was her. Just knowing that it was and calling the police to find out. Waiting for detectives to come and tell me and wondering how I even made it through that night. Some is a blur and some is forever etched in my brain. I don't remember screaming, but I know I did. I know I woke up neighbors screaming. Thanking God that my friend came to stay until Doug got home. Having him call home and only remembering crying that our baby was gone. I don't remember what I told my dad, but I do know he said that he never felt so helpless as hearing me ask him to make it alright. I am the independent child in my family. The one who takes care of everything and I was the one falling apart and they didn't know what to do. I relive that day everyday, but it is just hard knowing that one year ago our lives changed forever. A year and a week ago, I still had my daughter. I still saw her and talked to her and now it has been a year. I don't know sometimes how we are supposed to keep going. With each day it becomes longer since I have seen her face and heard her talk. I miss her. I just miss her so bad. Thanks for letting me ramble. I know you all understand exactly what I mean.