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i know what i heard

i have to tell you guys what happened this morning...so, i took brad to work very early(he had to be there at 6am). i had been back for about 45 minutes...i made the bed and straightened up the house and stuff, just like any other day...i started to run some water into the sink for the dishes,when the dogs started barking...so i went to see what they were barking at...nothing, as usual...so i proceeded to take them outside...i was outside for a few minutes sitting on the porch steps watching the dogs...i heard a young mans voice holler, "mom, hey mom!!" i looked around and i didnt see anyone anywhere...and i continued to sit there for a couple of more minutes...then i heard it again...this time it was louder and more distinct...the dogs heard it to and started barking at the door...so we went back in...i looked all through the house and the dogs were still barking at the kitchen...so thats where i went..to find that i had left the water running in the sink...and it was just beginning to run over onto the floor...i know what i heard...i believe it was my jeremy trying to tell me that i was overflowing the sink...maybe im losing my mind(the jury is still out on that...lol)but, i know what i heard.

Re: i know what i heard

2 cool I know in my heart our angels watch over us and this is just more proof. You are not loosing your mind like I have said before if you are loosing it so are a lot of us moms. Just hang on to what happened today and let it make you smile.
Love Ya
Big JIm's Mom

Re: i know what i heard

You are not loosing your mind just listening with your heart, I love it when that happens.

Re: i know what i heard

Well Julie between Jeremy talking to you and Kaylin sending cats, it is either our angels or we are all crazy.

Re: i know what i heard

Julie, You are not crazy, I believe it was Jeremy.
They are not far and they love us and watch over us. Just as we miss and think of them all day everyday.
I'm glad he got through to you. Be happy when it happens, they want us to be happy. John came to me and told me so! Yup, he sure did. I had a feeling come over me like none Id ever felt before, a good feeling of rest and peace and in my head I heard, " I want you to be happy" It was John, I know it was. I would never tell myself or call myself you. So I just laid there and let that feeling last as long as it did.
Love and prayers to you.