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My prankster is at it again

Ok, some may say coincidence but I just don't believe it. Maybe I am reaching, but I have to think that my prankster is at it. In two days it will be the first anniversary of Kaylin being murdered. Last year, two days before her death, she brought in a small kitten. She asked if she could keep it and I said no that we had all the animals we could have. I told her to take it to the shelter. I volunteered at that shelter and I know that they do everything to find them homes and have a high success rate. The kitten seemed sickly and I knew that they were bottle feeding some new kittens and figured they would take this one in with the fosters. She had asked to leave it at the house and I said, "No because I have to work in the morning and I am worried about the dogs." They are cat friendly but I worried they might be a little too curious and hurt it. I did tell her she could only keep it there if she stayed to watch it. She left and said she thought she knew someone who would want it. I wish that she had stayed to take care of it. Anyway, tonight, two days before her angel day, a stray kitten shows up on our door step. We took it to the neighbors to see if it belonged to any of them. We have been doing yard work and know most of the cats and this is one that we have never seen. None of the neighbors thought it familiar either. So a stray kitten finds its way to our door exactly the same time that Kaylin was bringing a stray kitten home last year. When we were looking and I realized the dates I could just imagine her laughing. I looked up and said, " Kaylin Marie we cannot keep it." Tomorrow we begin our search for who it belongs too. We have coyotes bad so we are keeping it inside until we find it's home. I know that some people would say that it was just coincidental but I knew that all of you would understand. :)

Re: My prankster is at it again

Dear Kim
I don't know girl, I think it is a little too coincidental that a stray cat shows up exactly 1 year later.I guess the angels are having a good laugh over that one.She has changed from laundry antics to animals,what next? She does always have a way of keeping those memories alive doesn't she? Just be thankful she didn't find a stray horse or something.LOL Thinking of you and thankful that your memory brings you a giggle.Love Always and God Bless

Re: My prankster is at it again

Don't bother looking for the home where this kitten belongs because it seems to me it is home. Just take it for what it is and ask Kaylin not to do this every year or we will be calling you the Kat Lady of Angora.
Love Ya
Big Jim's Mom

Re: My prankster is at it again

Kim, she is still so out there playing with you. Your girl is sending you love and kitties, enjoy.

Re: My prankster is at it again

Doug took her to the vet this morning to see if she had a micro chip and he told Doug, (without Doug telling him about the kitten last year) it looks like she has chosen you. The fact that the others have accepted her so readily is amazing. I can barely see as I type over her swatting at the keyboard. She acts like she is home and the others act like they have been waiting for her. Oh yeah, Her is now Nova. It means Butterfly chaser. :) It did help me to keep from falling apart all day. She seems to follow me where ever I am. She has been a comforting presence. (or is that present?) :)

Re: My prankster is at it again

Nova is a present from a presence that will never leave your side, always be in your heart and her memory will live on forever. She got her kitten one way or another that is just how our girls are Kim so why are you questioning when you know better. How are the dogs with Nova? Thinking of you thinking and you know we are here if you need anything at all...Luv and Hugs...Laura & AV