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Juror # 6 emailed me

I haven't posted in ages because for some unknown reason it wouldn't let me. I'm going to try again only because I wanted you all to know that Juror #6 emailed me. I was shocked to the bone. I have answered her email and I hope she emails back. As you know I didn't get to go to any of the trial. Cicero the one who strangled John was sentenced to life no parole. Edward was given 21 years. What I have asked the Juror, who emailed me, is for details. Chris never really told me and so much is missing from what happened. I want to know. I know it will hurt but my pain from losing him is so huge, I don't see that knowing what happened in detail will do anything but clear up the nightmare in my mind. I do feel better knowing Cicero will never get out. I keep hoping someone will accidently kill him. Oops! Did I say that. Y E S I did say that and I meant every word of it!
Well I better just close here I never know when to stop cause I have so much to say but this post probably won't take anyway. I'll be rejected again,
oh boo hoo hoo poor pathetic me!
Patricia John's Aunt

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Hey Patricia don't feel alone I think we all had trouble posting for awhile but everything seems to be straightened out now.
glad to hear the POS got life and believe me I hope Marlin gets murdered in prison too and hope it isn't an accident I want the little POS to see it coming.
It is good to hear from you was wondering how ya been.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Hey girl, I'm doing pretty good. I hadn't been on here in ages I was trying to read some of the posts. I'm also wondering if this is how I answer you just hit reply. if not I messed up again. anyway Linda emailed and told me to be careful because I did answer the Juror when I got her email. Linda said, howdo you know she was a juror. I didn't but she knew all about it. this is what she wrote
Dear Patricia,
I was juror#6 at the trial of Cicero Orozco fo rthe murder of your nephew John Wade.
My heart and prayers go out to John's family. I also pray for your dear nephew, may his soul have peace.
This is such a horrible tragedy for your family. I cannot begin to imagine the pain this has caused all of you. Even though I was only a juror, I am still greatly affected by what happened.
I saw John's Dear Mother in court everyday. It broke my heart to think of her pain as I to, am a mother.
I just wanted you and your family to know that the jury cared, and that at least me and the jurors that I remain in touch with, still care about John's Family.
Always in My Prayers,
Mary Hall
So what do you think??? let me know. I answered her. but when Linda said be careful,,, I kinda went into a panic!

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Hi Patricia,

It's very possibel I've heard of it happening but I would still be careful of what I said. See what she has to say, you should be able to tell if she was a juror or not.

Take care and please come back more often let us know how you are doing.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Hi Patricia,
I am Shirley's Sister. Be careful not to give out any personal info on yourself or your family. If they start asking personal question cut off contact. If this person was truly on the jury it is nice that they were compassionate enough to contact you. However, it was a totally inappropriate jesture, given the circumstances. It does tend to make you wonder.

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Well I keep checking my email and she hasn't answered. Now Linda did email and tell me not to answer any questions or give her any information.
So I'm on the alert. I really do wan to know the details. I don't know if it will make the nightmare in my head any worse or less worse but,,,,,,
I just couldn't understand why they had to kill him. He was a true good guy. About 50% of my nieces and nephews get in trouble with drugs. But the rest are drug free and John was one of them. He hated drugs he was a hard working respectable young man, and to have his life just zapped away like that before he really lived,,,,,,,, I have to stop, I do this to myself all the time. I use to ask if the tears ever end. I don't have to ask anymore,,,,,,,,,, I know! NO THE TEARS NEVER END! Thank God love never ends either, because I will love my John beyond eternity.

Re: Juror # 6 emailed me

Patricia be careful and keep it to only what is public knowledge now. You can purchase the court records but they will charge you for the transcript if you want to know all the details. Some people don't. I used to be more trusting but this has really opened my eyes to the fact that there are people you cannot trust and it makes it hard to know who to trust.