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Hi everyone

Hi MOMS, I hope all of you are doing well. Sorry I haven't been lighting candles lately, I just haven't been myself. I don't think we'll ever be ourselves again. I think of all your Angels and hope everything is fine for them in heaven.

My daughter graduated high school last week. She's a real good kid. Well ladies, please be kind to yourselves and never forget how much your children love you!

Hugs to all,

Re: Hi everyone

Hi I'm glad to see you are hanging in there, it's all we can do. Congrats on the graduation. You must be very proud.

Take care.
God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Hi everyone

Well Welcome back Mrs. Buttersworth...How we have missed you and your "charm" in the chat room..lol..I think often about how much fun we had and what ever happened to the car story? Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation...another thing we have in common...lol...Our "baby scrub" graduated this year too...Glad to see you back and hope to catch you in the chat...We will check out Mark's last memories..We have kept both sites for Lisa because we like them both so much and feel they compliment each other...Luv n' Hugs..Laura & AV

Re: Hi everyone

Nice to read about you. You know I'm an old lady but I was only able to chat one time and that was with Shirley. It was fun. We have three girls all my neices that will be graduating in one and two years.
All three of them are beautiful. One is part navajo, one is part chinese, the other part mexican. What a mixture, with our blood, Cherokee, scotish, irish, italian, spanish. might as well say heinz 57. ha ha