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Big Jim

Just wanted to ask the moms to take a minute and wish Jimmy Happy Birthday tomorrow. After everything Shirley has done for us moms we need to let her know that we are thinking of her tomorrow as the Angels will be two wheeling it or one wheeling it for the daredevils in the group. So if you hear thunder tomorrow I am sure it will beBig Jim leading the way reving it up....Luv yas...Laura & AV

Re: Big Jim

happy b day jim ,sending my hugs to mom joann hubert mom.

Re: Big Jim

Hey Kid tomarrow is the BIG day. We will all be there and I am sure you and the other angels will be close at hand. Help keep them all safe tomarrow Jimmy. You are good at rescueing people. Happy Birthday to you Jimmy Joe Jetter. We love and miss you so much. Let Sis know your there. Love you and see you on the other side Kid.

Re: Big Jim


I sure hope everyone up there is ready for another birthday bash, hope you all have fun and watch out for the little ones. Ride free buddy and know u are loved and missed by many. Happy Birthday Big Jim.

Love to all u angels.

Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Big Jim

Well my sweet baby James, It has taken me along time to be able to get on here. I am wish you a Happy Heavenly Birthday. We will all be their for you tomorrow. Give your mom the strength she needs to get through the day. Your mom is one of the strongest people I know. My heart breaks for her! Remember how on your Birthday you would always say it's my birthday what are you gonna buy me and I would tell you the same thing you bought me for my birthday (Nothing) I wish your were here and I would buy you the WORLD!! I love and miss you Big Guy.

Re: Big Jim

happy birthday jim...have a great time at ur party...dont let jeremy hog all the girls...stay close to your dear mom, she misses you so much...let her feel your touch on her cheek...love and hugs to shirley, and to ur family...keeping you in our thoughts and our prayers...love ya, julie

Re: Big Jim

Dear Jimmy Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday Dear Jimmy,Happy Birthday to you.Love you and your mom and aunts lots and lots.Send them some sugar today honey and watch over them.Hope all the angels have fun today,what a bunch you have to party with!!!! God Bless Your mama is one special lady.

Re: Big Jim

Happy Heavenly Birthday Big Jim,
it is thundering like crazy round here, so you must be having a roaring good time. Predicting snow in June for the mountains, so be careful. I know you June babies know how to have a real good time.
Hug your momma and let her know u r okay.

luv n hugs

Re: Big Jim

Thank you all so much the kimis are just great, thanks for the e mails and to Darien for calling. We had a great time today I did good until my niece let 34 birthday balloons go that is when I lost it. The guys are just great and we had a big crowd. They want to do this every year on Jim's BD what a great bunch of guys. This morning just as I was waking up I thought to myself that I needed to get the video camera so I could video Jim. I was telling one of his buddies about it and he said "Well you know Jim he was always saying get the camera". He wanted to video everything we would video him riding and then even in the hospital after a crash. He videoed the guy who ran into the back of him at 120 mph and all you can hear is Jimmy cracking up because the guy got all the skin peeled off his Behind. I was also thinking Jim would always do things for me and even in death he is still doing things for me he brought me to this site where I have met the most caring group of ladies. Because of Jim I have the best group of friends in all of you, I don't know what I would do without each and everyone of you. This is a hell of a way to make friends but I believe our angels brought us together and they watch over us each and every day.
Love "N" Hugs
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Big Jim

To my sister who is the strongest woman I know. I love you so much! To all of the wonderful ladies that have become her friend, I want to thank you. I know my sister gets strength from all of you. I will do anything in the world for her, but you have all done more than you know by being by her side. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. God Bless you all.

Re: Big Jim

Dear Shirley,

I'm so sorry to be late in writing, things have been crazy, but all you moms are always in my thoughts and prayers. I send Jim lots of kisses and hugs and pray you made it thru the day, I know how hard it is.

It is so true, I met all you wondferul moms here and wish it could ahve been for different reason. God has brougth us together.

Shine bright Big Jim!!! and Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Love always
Timmy's mom

Re: Big Jim

Well yesterday we had thunder and lightning, and rain. I think it was Jimmy's way of saying thank you for such a nice birthday party. He waited till the next day so it wouldn't ruin stunt show. I love and miss you My Jimmy!!