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Sign from Lisa

Well ladies thank you all for keeping us in your hearts. I must share this with you as I do believe this was a sign. AV met a lady last week at our yard sale. She had lost her daughter in an auto accident. She stopped today with a card and a poem she had wrote about the loss of her daughter. I have it posted with the card she gave us on Lisa's last memory main page. You should read it as each word rings so painfully true. Her daughters name was Jacqueline which is the same thing Gramma June used to call Lisa...Jacqueline Schutlz. Both are angels are also resting in the same cemetary in our city....Do you believe it????? Luv ya all...Laura & AV

Re: Sign from Lisa

Yes I do believe in signs, and the meeting was a meant to be. Some how God has found each of us to find others who share in the same pain so that we may hold each other up.


Re: Sign from Lisa

Yep it was a sign from Lisa no doubt what a beautiful poem like you said each word rings so painfully true.
Keeping you all in my thoughts today and always
Jim's Mom

Re: Sign from Lisa

Dear Laura/Av/Melanie,Kelly and friends of Lisa's

I am so glad Lisa's friends came to share her BD with you all.Our children's friends are so important to us as they are the closest link next to family that we have left of our babies.Thanks for sharing the pics of her day,it did make me feel like I was there.I was there with her in spirit,but the pics were the icning on the cake so to say.I hope you are all well.You do so much for the MOMS and I know that you's were in everyone's thoughts and prayers this weekend.What a beautiful poem Jacqueline's mom shared with you,simply beautiful and so true.Another friend in heaven.Love Ya's Always