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Our Angel Lisa

I just wanted to ask all the moms if you could just keep Lisa in your thoughts and prayers these next three days. 52 weeks ago today she was murdered as it was on a Thursday evening, so tomorrow it will be one year--calendar date and then on Saturday it will be her birthday. She would have been 20 and it will actually be her second birthday in heaven. We will be concentrating on Saturday and having a bonfire in her memory to celebrate her life and not her death. We have been working on her last memories site and have added an angel friends page (in her custom pages) so that we can remember all our angels and to let you moms know how much you each mean to us. You are part of our extended family--even my girls know you wonderful moms as well as your angels. The latest video was actually inspired by my youngest daughter as she wanted to share the song with the other angels. It is on Lisa's video page and Melanie brought the song to me and said this would make a good video...everytime I hear it I think of Lisa. I just want to thank all you moms for being here for us the past year and if you could just keep us in your thoughts the next three difficult days....Luv yas..
Laura, AV, Kelly, Melanie & Always and Forver Lisa

We would also like you all to keep Travis & his family in your thoughts as tomorrow--May 29th is his birthday....

Re: Our Angel Lisa

Laura, AV & Girls:

As u already know you are always in my thoughts, I may not be as creative as some of the other MOMS, but I think of u all daily.

As we all do, I wish we would have met under different circumstances, but as the loss of our children have brought us together, we will fight together until we see justice for them all.

We will be looking to the east for smoke signals from that bonfire as we plant our tree.

Love you all
Nanci & Shawna

Re: Our Angel Lisa

Laura, AV and girls
I woke up this morning with you all on my mind wishing you didn't have to walk this rough and rocky road. Just remember we are all here for you and only a phone call or e mail away.
Thinking of you all today.
Love ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Our Angel Lisa

To my Dear,Dear Friends Laura,Vicki,Kelly and Melanie

My thoughts and prayers are with you today.Let's just come right out and say it this day SUCKS for you.I certainly don't mean to bring you down so I'm sorry for that comment NOT!!! We all know your pain and my heart hurts today for you and Vicki and the girls and Lisa's friends.I feel as though I know Lisa better than some of my kids friends and I never met her person to person,but I feel her spirit perhaps through you and your videos and your writings,so I know I will know her right away even if she is in a different form,but then again I can see Nicky pulling her towards me when I do meet her in the next life so
I won't have to look around for long.I know she is doing fine where she is,so that is a comfort,I hope it is for you all too.And of course everytime I see a butterfly I think of Lisa and smile wondering where she is off to next.Many,Many hugs to you and Vicki and the girls.I love you lots

Re: Our Angel Lisa

i knew lisas birthday was coming...brad and i were just talking about it last night...we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers...without you guys i wouldnt have made it this far...love and hugs to you and to av...love ya, julie

Re: Our Angel Lisa

Hello my sweet "family" I thought of you so often these past few days even while away celebrating my son's graduation you were always on my mind. I said many prayers and just wanted to let you know how much your friendship means to me. My boys always ask me about Lisa, how beautiful she is and so sad the story, as you know as well as I do, their pain is immense also but they know the deep pain it feels. I will also think of the beautiful memories she has left you all tomorrow while you celebrate her life and even though short a time it was, and I do try and think this for myself also with Timmy, but I feel blessed that I had him in my life as I know you feel blessed to have had Lisa in yours. That's what matters the most, something those POS' cannot ever take away from us. God Bless you all. I mean this from my heart, please know I am always here for you no matter what!


Re: Our Angel Lisa

sending my prayers to you this week and know i am thinking of you all so sorry we had to get to know each other like this smooches hugs joann hubert mom.