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i am still standing.

HI MOMS I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH I AM DOING FINE I HAVE BEEN THINKING OF ALL OF YOU MOMS EACH DAY I HAVE BEEN WORKING VERRY HARD THIS YEAR I AM NOW AT TWO STORES AND IT'S HAVE BEEN CRAZY.I DON'T HAVE TIME TO MYSELF OR MY FAMILY I AM SO TIRED.EVERY WEEK WE HAVE TO SIT IN THIS MEETING OUR NEW GENERAL MANAGER HAVE FOR ALL THE MANAGER /SHIF LEADERS.WE TALK ABOUT THE SAME stuff each week and i am tired of the b-s,i miss the chats we have and i will get a chance to put hubert'favorite dish on here.i am sending my prayers to you all smooches, ps. we are still wating to go to court as well.hope everyone have been fine sending my love to your angels,lol joann .hubert mom.

Re: i am still standing.

Hi Joanne,
I'm glad you're doing good, wish I could say the same for myself. Sometimes keeping busy is what gets us thru some of this madness we are living it. Take care and keep on standing!!!

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: i am still standing.

Hi Joanne
Good to hear from you, sounds like you have been very busy and working lots of hours, Just remember to stop and smell the roses take a minute or two for yourself every day. The waiting for trial is so hard my thoughts are with you also every day.
Love "N" Hugs
Jimmy's Mom