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well, today is shawnas parole hearing...i dont know how to act...my mind has been doing some pretty weird stuff the last couple of days...i just cant help but wonder why they would even consider letting her out to possibly break another mothers heart..i know that alot of you wrote letters to the parole commissioner and i want to thank you all..now we just wait...this is the worst part... the waiting... i wish i were waiting for jeremy to walk through my front door... but i know thats not gonna happen...so i just wait to see if that monster pos will be able to get out or not..im almost glad im so far away from there... otherwise, i would most likely end up in deep trouble. i wonder if she even thinks about him...about his beautiful blue gray eyes, about his wonderfully contageous laugh..about what a handsome young man he had become...i wonder if she knows that i think about that stuff every moment of every day...and cry, and cry, and cry...does she cry...does she hurt...no ...i dont think so...if she cries, its probably just because she cant run the streets...i know she doesnt cry like i do...every single day of my life...because of her...anyway..im gonna lay down and wait for some word of what the verdict is...i love you guys...thanks for listening, yet again, to my rambling.

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Sharon and I have been thinking of you all day, you are so right the waiting is the hardest part it would be like waiting to hear the verdict after the trial. Keeping you in my thoughts and in my heart.
Jim's Mom

Re: today

We are keeping you and yours in our thoughts and prayers. Will call you tomorrow. Hang in there, we are all out here for you guys.