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Good News

Higcvx MOMS,
I want to share some good news with you all. Gene's killer has taken a plea bargin. He is going to recieve 32.5 years straight time.( He will be almost 60 years old by that time) No appeals. Sentencing will be June 26th. Along with that he will be ordered to pay resitution. I am allowed to make a statement directly to the judge and when I think of having to do that my stomache just turns. Oh, my GOD is good! I really did not want to go through that horror of a trial. I don't want to see pictures of my baby shot in the head. I want to keep the memory of that smile he gave me that last night that we were together.I want to thank the moms that have continued to light candles for him. And, I want to apoligize for not lighting candles for your angels. But, they are always in my prayers. I am still working nights and going to school in the mornings. Hopefully I will be graduating in September then I can work days, Monday thru Friday and have my weekends off. Yeah! Well, MOMS...take care of yourselfs. May God always be at your side guiding you one step at a time. Sending you all lots of hugs. Luv Ya,

Re: Good News

This is good news I am go glad for you 32.5 years is a loooooong time the POS will have plenty of time to think about what he did. I just wish this would happen for all the moms still waiting for some justice.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Good News

I am Shirley's Sister. Good to hear another one has bit the dust. Happy he took the plea. A trial you did not need. God's Glory rained down on you. Yeah!!!!!