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Wonderful Trip

Dear MOMS Well I got to see where all the video creations are made when I visited Laura/Vicki this past weekend.Her creativity corner is amazing.Filled with shutterfly photos of all our kids, like they are her inspiration.I felt like they were all there with me.It was a spur of the moment trip since my previous one was cancelled due to flight cancellations.I got to eat a hobo pie by the fireside and their house is a walk down memory lane filled with all sorts of neat things.Her kids are great and she has a very busy household.I felt right at home.There is something to be said about how we talk or email but there's nothing like visiting and putting a face to a name.It was truly wonderful.My hope is that someday soon we can all get together for a trip and chill and get to know each other better.I know everyone's lives are busy but the feeling you get during and after one of these trips lasts a long time,and the happiness I felt has been long in coming.Well God Bless you all and if anyone is interested in getting a trip together anytime soon,I know me or Vicki or Laura would be happy to try to keep the cost down and make this happen.Love you all and many many hugs

Re: Wonderful Trip

Hi Barb
So glad you got to visit with Laura,AV and family.
Darien has invited me to come visit with her. I have always wanted to see the beauty of the fall colors in the east so if I can swing it I will be out that way. Laura said they would like to come I talked with Kayt last night she thought it would be cool too if she could swing it. Look out Darien you just might have a house full of MOMS.
Love you gals
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Wonderful Trip

So glad the trip was a success!!! I'm jealous :)

Next time, right! Shirley that's a wonderful, what part of the east is Darien from?

I'm not a big traveller LOL and now going back to Georgia for Matt's graduation I'm not stressing yet but I haven't had time to do that because my brain has been so fried lately, but sure would love to meet up some day.

Hey Barb don't forget lunch!!!! me and Barb probably live about 1/2 hour from each other LOL

Re: Wonderful Trip

Hi Barb,
I'm g;lad u had a good visit. I know that was a good thing for me when I visited Kayt. I too wish we could have a retreat where we all could get together. That's why I was hoping we could contact Extreme Home Makeover and see if they would build me a house on my land in Arkansas which is pretty centrally located. I need to talk to Laura again to see if she could help with that. I am not at all computer savvy and could not do videos etc. to send to them.
Love ya,


Re: Wonderful Trip

What a pleasure it was to have you here and I can say that now that we have had all week to rest up lol...just kidding. We had what seemed like such a short time but we squeezed so many things into that time and accomplished so much. We showed Barb where we would like to put the bench we are purchasing in memory of Lisa...on the lake at a nearby local beach...took her to decorate Lisa's grave...showed her our Lisa's Cupboard...made Hobo pies...junkin' you name it and we managed to somehow do it all. It was a great time and Barb was already trying to figure out a way to get back here before she left...We missed her the minute she pulled away. There is nothing better than visiting except if she would have been able to drag Bette with her...lol...So if anyone gets the chance you should definitely plan to as it is the best medicine or therapy you will ever find!!!!

Re: Wonderful Trip

LOL I would have gladly came if not for my upcoming trip to see Matt next week :) I'm still hoping me and Barb can hook up for lunch LOL we only live like 1/2 hour from each other!

Glad you al had a good time.