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I used to see websites on the message board and they no longer seem to be here. I want to light candles. Does anyone know what happened?

Re: Websites

I clicked on the bottom of your message where it says website and it took me to Keara's page. This new format is just going to take some getting use to changes like this are so hard sometimes. After working where I worked I got over getting frustrated by changes every time I turned around changes were being made and at times it was very confusing. It was like today we do it this way and then a month later it was no, no, no we don't do that now we do it this way and a couple months later it would change again. Guess I just got use to being confused and it is a way of life for me now.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Websites

You know where I go to get them if I don't have them on my favorites, on the website page of MOM's there are pages numbered one, two, three and four, click on one of the pages and it gives you a whole list of pictures with their memorial websites if they have one, I included Timmy's on the replies if I remember to do it, otherwise it's not listed on the posts. I wish memory-of.com would get its self together because I'm afraid to go on there and light candles for anyone, so please forgive me for those who I haven't visited in such a long time because that's the reason why and I missed ligtting candles for everyone's angels. Sometimes I can't even go on Timmy's it just breaks my heart seeing him and all the other precious angels, it's just not fair, the pain we live in, sorry I'm going off on something else here but I'm doing that a lot lately.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Websites

I know wat u mean Bette, I am afraid also to go on the memory of websites so haven't felt like I dould light candles either. For those of you that have gotten new websites please let us know so we can light candles.