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To Much

Is this to much or what, gee I just feel so sorry that she had to endure this horrible situation.
I am so sick of seeing crap like this in the news maybe they should try printing something important like this is how it feels to have your child murdered. Put your fricking energy into something important like stopping violence!!
This one just really got to me this morning here we sit our lives devastated and and this is the crap in the news.
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Jennifer Aniston has endured very public splits with Brad Pitt and John Mayer - but which breakup from the actress' past does she describe as "horrible?"

"I broke up with a guy and he tried to get back together with me by bringing his mother to a restaurant I worked at and getting down on one knee in the middle of the restaurant," Jen revealed to USA Today.

"The whole restaurant started applauding," she said of an ex-boyfriend from her pre-fame years. "And I was like, 'Get up!' It was horrible."

Re: To Much

Shirley you are so right! No one understands the pain until you live it. What I would do to have such little problems like breaking up with a b/f, jeez, I don't know what I'd do???? :)

Timmy's mom

Re: To Much

Hey Bette
Yea this just got to me it is teenage gossip not news. I don't know I guess I think there are much more important things to worry about than which star broke up with which star.
Today I did read some news there was an earthquake in Southern CAL along with 10 after shocks hope it didn't shake Kim up to much she has enough on her plate right now. I think it said the quake was a 4.3 and that would be a pretty good shaker.
I will be in the chat room at 5:00 my time if anyone would like to join me.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: To Much

Yes I don't even like watching the news anymore, either its really bad or really stupid. What time zone are you in??? what would that be EST??? LOL don't mind me, I'm just not with it, I will try but having a really hard time of things and did not sleep at all last night, I feel like my head is spinning off my shoulders. But I will try if not too late.


Re: To Much

Bette you are three hours later so it would be 8:00 your time.

Re: To Much

ok I will try, feeling really terrible right now but maybe I'll get a second wind :)

I miss chatting.

Re: To Much

Oh Mrs. Shirley your right I hate that they do that and it's like what about us and our Angels?? No one care at all it's all about making money and they also make me very mad when they put someone on the News that's in jail that killed someone's love one and took everything that made them happy away from them but say they have rights. Say what if you really killed someone what dam right should you have and why and the hell would you give them air time on the News to talk about they need to see there kids, What about us who can't see our angels because some ass tooked them from us. I hate the news they need to start talking about real life stuff and they need to have a show that we all can go on 1 at a time and let us all take about our kids,how our life has been without out our kids and they need to help us all put keep all the killers in jail .Why should they get a new chance on life we don't I life will never be the same,if we have to live what so much pain they should as they are the ones that took someone life away. Sorry just having a very bad day as always. I love you moms,thank you all for being my friend for life,even after. Terry