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Chat Room

Hi Ladies
I am so missing the evenings that so many would gather in the chat room. Kim always making me laugh, AV running in and out, Laura with her wisdom, Barb taking P brakes, Nanci & Shawna calling each other Tards,Bette,Julie,Kayt,Michelle,Joann and all the other moms who would drop in even if for just a little while. Darien and I seem to be the only ones who chat lately. Just want to let you all know I miss you and Love each and everyone of you.
Love "N" Hugs
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Chat Room

Hey Shirley I missed you the other night! I did come on for a little bit on Tues around 8:30 or so and it was only Darien. I miss everyone too, I miss seeing posts here too. I know I have a hard time coming on sometimes because my son takes over the PC LOL but I'm always so tired. But I just wanted to say I do try and pop in every so often but usually no one is there :( Maybe we need to start posting what night someone is going on and what time???? Like oh I'm going into chat tonight at 8PM or something on that day? I wish I could come on more too, life has been really hard and I can post a lot of what's going on on here, today one of the schools Timmy went to the principal he had at the time had committed suicide. I am in total shock! That's how my day started,hearing about him on the news. Even though we didn't see eye to eye, and he was being investigated for stealing money from the school (that happened after Timmy was killed) he still donated money to Timmy's reward fund. We used to butt heads about Timmy's schooling all the time, I feel very sad about it and sorry for his family that he felt this was his only way "out". So my life has been upside down so much anymore and we did have fun on the chat, we need to start planning on doing it more and I need to start telling my son, I'm taking an hour on the PC to talk to my "mom" friends, so there!!!! LOL

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Chat Room

i come in and out all the time...lately i havent been able to catch anyone in there...i miss all of u guys something awful...brads been working days, so i havent been able to stay up late...but, i'll keep runnin in and out til a catch someone to visit with...i hope everyone is doing well...see ya'all soon (hopefully)..love and hugs, julie

Re: Chat Room

Hey Shirley, I too am missing all the ladies that used to come in to chat. I wanted to also invite those of you that are new to this website to come in and visit with us. It is such a good way to get to know other Mom's and get much needed support. So anyway I hope to see you all soon. Love ya. Darien