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A Mother's Loss VOM

We made a video for all the moms for mothers day. I tried to put it on youtube but they disabled the sound. It is on Lisa's last memories site...you just need to go to her video page let it download and then it will play. It is titled A Mother's Loss...Luv 'n Hugs...Laura & AV


Re: A Mother's Loss VOM

Laura that was really great, you and Shirley should be come video technicians or something LOL, wonderful always brings tears to my eyes when I see everyone's babies pictures. I really do need to get more of my pictures put on the computer but for me to do that I have to take them to a store since I have no scanner, there were so many that also made me smile just some of the silly things and faces they made, oh God, our precious babies, now I'm about to cry ......

love to all and Happy Mother's Day to all you "special" mom's here who, if like me, will not experience the happiness we should feel on our honored day but sadness that our children are not here to celebrate it with us. I try to remember the special moments to get me thru, so maybe if we start a chain each of us writes a special moment for our "angels" for mother's day.

Here's mine: I have many LOL, but I always am fond of the one when Timmy was a little kid maybe 8 y/o and he asked me for $2 to go to the dollar store around the corner. He came back instead of toys for himself, but a single red rose that was so beautifully packaged in a plastic case with baby's breath and a big red ribbon. He handed it to me and said "happy mother's day mom" I asked him where did he get this and he replied at the flower shop. So, knowing me, I took myself around to that flower shop to tell them that how could $2 pay for such a beutiful gesture and the girl at the store said to me, well he was the first one who ever came thru our door at his age with $2 and asked what he could get his mom with that for mother's day and I just had to make it special for him. God bless her heart. This memory is one I will never forget.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: A Mother's Loss VOM

brad and i spent all morning trying to see this video...it just wont work for us...we also tried to find it on youtube and couldn't...are we doing something wrong...why won''t it come up for us...it keeps saying internet explorer cannot display this page.

Re: A Mother's Loss VOM

Dear Laura and Vicki
It never ceases to amaze me that when your own hearts are so broken you share all of our pain and so beautifully put to video how we MOMS all are feeling.What a beautiful mothers day present!!Thank You.The tears are flowing and my heart skipped a few beats as I viewed our babies that should be celebrating with us.As the years will go by I will always look back to this video on mothers day and view it knowing the love that went into making it.I love you guys thanks for thinking of our babies and us always.Happy Mothers Day!!

Bette It's funny you should mention picking a memory of mother's day.Aside from all the homemade cards made when Nicky was little I remember saying as Nicky got older one year where's my card Nick and he replied Ma,mothers day is everyday.No card could ever say how I feel for you, don't you know you're special to me EVERDAY.I don't need a card to tell you that.That's what I think about.He treated me like he appreciated me everyday,and I knew he loved me.That is what I cherish, those words simply put.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful MOMS out there

Re: A Mother's Loss VOM

This isn't a Mother's Day memory but I have been thinking of this since I shampooed the carpet and moved the furniture around.
For some reason unknown to me to this day Jim would rearrange my living room about once a month not only did he rearrange it he cleaned everything dusted vacuumed everything.
Love "N" Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: A Mother's Loss VOM

Laura, once again it is a great job. If you still have my info will you put it on Kay's page? I will be working on the one we talked about now. We had to take the computer in and just got it back. I know this is an especially hard month for ya'll. Your hearts are so big to do these moving tributes through your own pain. Love ya ladies.