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Re: Messageboard

Supposingly they perfected on the messageboard, there was nothing wrong that made them change other than wanting to make it better. Now that it is changed they tell me they cannot change back. I am getting use to it but I do not like the editing part either it is totally different but I am figuring it out. They are checking into the problems but if you are having problems please make sure you have downloaded the most recent update for your browser. I do not want anyone leaving. Please if you are having problems email me the exact problem that you are having and the error message you are getting if you are getting one because they are wanting me to email them some of the problems. I am sorry you are having problems but please hang with me until it can be cleared up. So far I have heard from only two people that are having problems. Barbara I am glad you were able to post. Barbara you are not old we just get better with age remember!

Re: Messageboard

Hi Deb,
I have had some trouble using the messageboard. When I click on the icon for the websites they will not come up and so I have not been able to lighy candles. Thanks, Darien

Re: Messageboard

Darien do you mean the links that are on the pictures on the memory board?

Re: Messageboard

I have gotten an error message twice trying to reply to a post by Joann but when I replied to Jill my reply went through. I also get an error every time I try to edit my post.