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Memory-of.com Site

I was able to get in today with seemingly no problem. Am going to try and light some candles there cause I have a hard time remembering last names, so sorry if I've missed anyone,my brain is mush anymore.

God Bless
Timmy's Mom

Re: Memory-of.com Site

Not sure how safe it is to go the memory of sites, I have gone on a couple of times to snag pictures and my computer is fine, my sister was on there and now her computer is in the shop we don't know that the problem was caused by the memory of site though.
An e mail is suppose to be sent out when the site is once again safe.
Jim's Mom

Re: Memory-of.com Site

Thanks Shirley, I know they take forever to let us know what's going on so I took a chance and it was working so much better, able to get into some sites and light candles. Better to be safe then sorry though.

You guys been on chat lately? Came back from seeing Matt, I'm so exhausted and so sad at the same time. I cried when I left because I know Timmy would have loved to been there I know how proud he'd be of his big brother, it just makes me so sick to my stomach!

Today is another hearing and of course now we have a new one set for May. Just one after the other probably for many years to come, I can't stand it sometimes!

God Bless

Re: Memory-of.com Site

Just got this...thought I would pass it on ...if you are interested.....if not ...then please just delete it


-------Original Message-------

From: Henry Chamberlain
Date: 4/21/2009 1:34:46 PM
To: 'Tina Tomkin'
Subject: RE: Sites



I am writing to you to give you an update on Memory-Of.com. The security consultants we contracted to resolve the recent virus issue were successful at removing the virus two weeks ago. Since that time, the hackers have managed to breach the security of the site again. The virus has been removed for a second time, but it will take a few days before third party anti-virus services scan the site and register it as “safe”. We are also conscious that hackers managed to infect the site a second time. Therefore, at this time we would recommend that you do not use Memory-Of.com until they have completed a series of additional security tests and had the work verified by additional security consultants.

We are also aware that Memory-Of.com is experiencing problems with navigation of the site and adding content to personal memorial sites. This issue is being resolved by our team. You might notice that date and times on candles and tributes are incorrect, which was caused by the hacker changing the date/clock on the site. Again, this is being resolved in conjunction with the security consultants.

We sincerely appreciate that you have paid to use Memory-Of.com and have put faith in us to host a fully functioning website to remember loved ones. We will resolve all the current problems with Memory-Of.com and restore the high level of service you had, until recently, come to expect from us.

Should you wish to contact us, we suggest that you do not use the Contact Us form on the site at this time. You can email us at support@memory-of.com

Thank you for your patience.

Memory-Of.com Team

Re: Memory-of.com Site

Thank you Laura and AV
for posting this message from Memory-of.com. It would be nice however if they sent an email to all the people who have created a site there to notify them when something like this happens. If it was not for you all posting here, I would not have known a thing. They did send an email when the site was supposedly fixed a couple of weeks ago, so that says they know who the users are and could have been more proactive in communicating this most recent issue. This is the only site I maintain for Joshua and until now have always liked it. I can't imagine the hackers who would do such a thing, this world is just gone crazy. Anyway just wanted to say THANKS!

Re: Memory-of.com Site

I agree!!! They have been completely remiss in notifying us about this problem,,,I found out from another parent,,and this morning when I went and tried to edit his site,,my antiviris program started screaming at me again,,
JDU I love you