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Lisa Williams

We have tickets, purchased by my family for my Birthday, for Lisa Williams for tomorrow night. I haven't really watched her on TV and only seen a couple clips on youtube...Anyone been there in person and know what we might expect or even their thoughts on her as a spiritualist? Just curious..it should be interesting. Luv 'n Hugs...Laura

Re: Lisa Williams

Laura & AV
You are going to love her and if you get a reading you will be lifted like you wouldn't believe. I didn't get a reading from Lisa but did from another psychic that I went to see. Even if you don't get a reading you will be impressed I know you will have a good time.
Love and Hugs
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Lisa Williams

Can't wait to hear what happens.

Re: Lisa Williams

Just got back and wanted to let you know the show was very disappointing...not because Lisa didn't "show" up but because of how hoaky it was and the people that did "show" up and if that is who is in the "spiritual" world I am glad Lisa isn't there. One was a child molester, in my opinion, and that person should be burning in hell not having the opportunity to "talk" to a "healer"...Sorry just my opinion...

Re: Lisa Williams

Awwww that sucks, doesn't sound like the show at all!! She seems like she wants people who "speak" to her and be able to pass the message on to the family so they can "heal" and knw they are at peace! What a shame, so now I know never to go to one of her shows. I have a friend who is going to that other woman's show, I can't remember her name, she was always on the Montel Williams show??? I think she goes in June??? but I'll let you all know how she makes out, her husband just died in February. She is the one who went to a pschyci (sp?) and Timmy went to him. Said that he was like "a bolt of lightening" and how he felt this horrible pain in his head but it went straight away, and he kept going "mom, mom, mom, mom" he was asking her are you a mother figue??? She didn't know that Timmy was always doing that to me, I could be on the phone, in the bathroom, outside talking, etc. and he would poke me in the arm and go "mom, mom, mom" LOL that totally freaked me out!!! I believe he went to her to let me know he was ok. didn't make it any easier to deal with but just knowing that could have been him gave me a calming feeling.

Love ya

Re: Lisa Williams

Laura & AV
Crazy how things go I was very disapointed with John Edwards,but when I went to see Lisa Williams she I thought was great. You are right a child molester how sick is that.
Jim's Mom