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Crime Victims Rally

I just wanted to include this link it was coverage on the Victims Rally that was held in our city. Both AV & I attended and spoke with other victims in our city and met 3 moms & a sister of murder victims. I spoke at represented not only Lisa but shared our MOMS group with those that attended. One mom asked for the website and we are hopeful that she will visit the site. AV inquired about restarting a support group for Homicide Victims and we again are hopeful that we will be able to pursue that as well. A second part of the rally Derryl Lee's sister (her brother was murdered) & I spoke to college students and shared our story. It encouraged 3 of the students to rise and tell their story of sexual abuse. While they were tearful you could see some of their pain being released as they had never spoke to a group about it even the one who prosecuted her assailant. We said if we could just touch one life in Lisa's memory than it certainly is worth the time & effort despite how difficult it was. Despite the small turnout I do believe we touched many lives last night and not just the victims of crime. AV has also vowed to fill the room next year for the rally. So we have our work cut out for us but I thought I would share the links...One has an actual video you can watch while the other is just a story but we should be receiving a copy of the newscast and hopefully we can make copies to share with anyone who is interested. Luv 'n Hugs...Laura & AV
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Re: Crime Victims Rally

What an outstanding job you guys did. Lisa is smiling down on you both! I am also so proud of you both myself, it brought tears to my eyes hearing you speak and reading your words. How I know how hard and painful it was to do this, as I have done this many times for Timmy, it is the only way in our hearts that we feel we can keep our kids memories alive. I remember how in the beginning how I felt so awkward, and still do talking about him in front of many people that I don't know, never met and most likely will never see again, but like you said if it touches one person, than it was all worth that awkward feeling we do to keep our kids alive in others hearts!!!

God Bless
Love ya
Timmys mom

Re: Crime Victims Rally

I would love to have a copy of the news cast if you can make copies. And I am sure if AV says the rally will be packed with people next year it will be.
Love you both
Jim's mom

Re: Crime Victims Rally

Laura & AV

I am glad u shared these sites with us, as u know i watched it online last night and I was very impressed with the whole rally.

With our Angels by our sides, no one will get in our way to get our point accross.

Love to both of u and I'm sure Lisa is smiling down on u both.
Nanci/Travis' Mom