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Hope For The Day.

Whoa, I thought I was in a diffrent web site. I like it. Want to share this with you MOMS.

Sometimes the beauty of the world seems so terribly

painful. It seems all-wrong to be able to enjoy the peace

and calm of a beautiful sunset. It's unbearable to visit

places that you once loved because your loved one is no

longer here to enjoy those sights and sounds with you.

The fragrances of spring become like a stabbing pain

because the one you loved to share these experiences

with is gone. Life loses its beauty when we are in the

deep pit of grief.

There will come a day, though, when you can look at a

flower and see its beauty. You will watch the setting

Sun and feel calm and peace clear through to your soul.

You will no longer have guilt for enjoying the beauty of

this life because you trust that the one you love is in

better hands than ours. You allow yourself the freedom

to experience joy minus any guilt because you know that

your loved one would want exactly that for you - to know

the beauty of this world and to feel at peace with all of

life. - Clara Hinton

"Healing from grief is a process and it happens one step

at a time. The journey is slow at times, but you will

arrive!" --Clara Hinton

"The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those

who are crushed in spirit." --Psalms 34:18

Re: Hope For The Day.

Double wow, I thought something was wrong with my computer. Just wanted to say Thanks Angie, I really like the excerpt.

Re: Hope For The Day.

wow i like this

Re: Hope For The Day.

I love the site. But I real love this thanks Mrs.Angie r.i.p to all of our Angels,God bless all you MOMS,sending you all my lOVE! TERRY(CEDRIC)MOM