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Tragedy in Pittsburgh & Trial Delays

This is info on the city where Lisa was murdered and where the trial will be held. What an idea they have limiting the number of delays...I wonder how long it took them to come up with that idea. I just thought I would share this article perhaps you could print it out and pass it on to your DA. I believe in a past article over $3 million tax dollars where wasted in just Pittsburgh alone last year on useless delays where there was no justification for them from attorneys not showing up to even Judges being late. It is pathetic and needs to change. Also if you could say a prayer for the families of 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers who were gunned down in the line of duty yesterday when responding to a domestic distrubance call. I have included the links to both articles if you would like to read them. Luv 'n Hugs...Laura


Re: Tragedy in Pittsburgh & Trial Delays

Laura & AV
Very good idea this judge has the cost is one thing but the pain it brings to the victim's family to me is the most important. For these attorneys to ask for postponements just as a trial tactic is pathetic but it happens all the time. It happened to us several times before the trial finally started.
As for the guy who shot the police officers sounds like he had a bit of a problem to begin with. Who in the hell would need that kind of arsenal. I have always hated guns and even more so now. We had 4 officers gunned down in Oakland which is about three hours from where I live all 4 died, this was about a week ago. I will keep all the families in my prayers.

Re: Tragedy in Pittsburgh & Trial Delays

HI Shirley,
Yes we read about the tragedy in Oakland and it is very sad as well. As far as the delays it seems that money talks in this country when armed robbers have a higher level of sentencing than murders becuz when it comes to money people seem to be more offended than a human life. Our pain well I guess we just have to deal with it and our childs life and the justice for it well we don't want to do anything wrong against the pathetic murderering cowards rights now do we. I am just getting prepared for tomorrow as they are having a victims rights rally in our city and I have been asked if I wanted to speak. Naturally I accepted the opportunity to speak about Lisa and our "rights". You see we are going on 10 months and they have only had one hearing and then the whole process came to a halt to accomodate this pathetic *******. I feel for delays that others are having in the process but it is very difficult for us becuz we aren't anywhere near the delay stage we are just stuck while this coward lives, breathes and eats off of our tax dollars while others are homeless and starving. Sorry if I am bitter but we just have to be patient for Lisa's justice and no one will know exactly how that feels unless they are in our shoes. Luv 'n Hugs...Laura & AV

Re: Tragedy in Pittsburgh & Trial Delays

Wow, you know it never ceases to amaze me anymore. you hear so much these days but then something like this comes along. I have heard about both incidents in Pittsburgh and in Oakland about the police officers being killed. We here in Phila. have had 7 police officers killed in the line of duty in less than 2 years time. I even heard they were sending some from Phila. to help with the funeral services since believe it or not this was put into the papers, that Phila has become one of the best as putting together funerals for their fellow officers, sad isn't it???? One officer was shot and killed on a Friday the 13th, I remember that because of course you all know Timmy was killed on a Friday the 13th and that particular day which was Feb. 13th my friend had buried her husband that day he was only 49 y/o and still do not know the cause of death, I was over her house that night and when I came home and flicked on the news and heard this, I literally stood there and cried and thought now another family will associate this "superstitious day" with a death of someone they loved so dearly, like I do with my baby boy.

I have not been doing so well lately. My oldest is I can't even go into detail, I mean he is doing good, but we do have a lot of bad days nd it's taking a toll one me, I went to the cemetery yesterday, after I found out that my car I lent to one of his friends who apparently hit something and didn't tell me just told me it broke down and I had to go get it and found the bumper smashed in and the hood don't even close and it's leaking something and it won't go into gear and I have no cue what's wrong with it, but Thank God I have my other car, just upset that this kid would never tell me, then lie to me and my son, who now is furious with him because we both trusted him and now I most likely will have to junk it. I can't put anymore money into it. So after all this going to the cemetary on Palm Sunday and knowing Easter is next week I fell apart there, I just literally fell apart.

I do hope thye finally make some changes somewhere. Laura/AV I saw that show again about this guy who was in an out of hospitals for his mental conditions and they kept letting him out on and on again and again knowing how much of a danger he was to people he wound up going on the subway and pushing a girl in front of the train all because he asked her for the time and she gave it to him. I thought of you guys and what you must be going thru, I couldn't wathc it anymore so I don't remmeber what happened to him, it happened in New York though I think in 1999. I think I might have mentioned this to you when you guys came to Philly I just can't believe how the whole system everywhere is so screwed up!!!

We also had some run-ins with those families, I won't go into it but hoping you guys will be in chat one day this week, let me know so I can try and come on.

this is such a bad time for me and I do hope all you mom's here are hanging in there as best as you can. I pray for you all every night, even when I can't even pray for myself.

God Bless
Timmy's Mom