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It has been a long time that I have posted. I do come on here a couple of times a week just to read and see how everyone is doing. I just have been so busy working nights and going to school in the mornings. I don't even have time on the weekends to get on here because I am so busy running my erands and doing all the other stuff. I really miss posting. I read some of the post where the mom is just having a bad day and missing their child so much. OMG, I know exactly what they are talking about. I miss my son soooo much. It will be two years in May and I am getting anxiety so bad. I just can't belive that I have not seen seen him or heard his voice in two years!!! I have been crying for two years now. I cry everyday for him. Not like I used too but the tears still come down when I think about him. Oh, I have so much to say. I just need to let out my feelings. I have no one that I can just say..."Please, sit down and just hear me." I just need to scream to someone and tell them how much I am missing my son. I have been trying to get on his site and I can't. I got a email from memory.of.com saying it was all fixed . Anyone else having any problems? MOMS...I want you to know I think about you and your angels everyday and I pray for all of you. I wish I had the time to light candles for everyone of our angels. I really miss doing that. Well, take care and may God always be at your side. May he bring peace and comfort to your hearts. Sending all my love to every single one of you. Lord, let perpetual light shine upon our angels and may they rest in peace.

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We all know how you feel and how everyday is a constant struggle for us all. Lisa was killed in May and as I have seen so many other mothers struggle with that date I can't imagine how it must set you back when it actually arrives. It could never be as horrible as that day when you heard the words your child is gone (but it does bring you back pretty close to that day I am sure)...which we actually heard them on Lisa's birthday so it is unusual for us as we associate her death on her birthday. Because they are so close together we are going to celebrate her life every year on those date(s) and have a benefit of some sort or another. It will be to raise money and remember her life so she will never be forgotten. The memory of sites were have serious virus problems but seem to have been cleared up from that but they are still having sporadic technical difficulties. It is good to see you back Angie...Love and hugs...Laura & aV