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If you have a new site for your angel? I will wait for them to fix MOMS website as I don't feel any

I just found out the other day about what was going on what our Angels website's and it really hurt me that someone would do that to us and our Angels as it really helps me to go on my son site every day as it has been hard not going on his page,but I feel his is smiling down at me. If it's OK I will just wait for them to fix our Angels sites because for me no other website will do this wibsite is like home to me and I am not ready to buy a new home right now and not when this home has been a big part of me healing and "LOL" I hope you guys know what I mean when I call MOMS home "Lol" I don't what none of you guys thinking I going crazy it's just that I feel safe coming on this site,our Angel sites,I may take a lot of pills and my not write like I should but I love you MOMS so much,I feel if we all get new pages for our Angels we may stop talking or checking on each other and I will not let evil win this one. So much love to you all and your sweet Angels,I am here until the end........I love you Mrs. Debbie Wiley and what out you ,this site I wouldn't be here you saved mylife, God bless you,your love one. Much love,hugs,a big kiss to all Terry(Cedric's)MOM ALWAY'S

Re: If you have a new site for your angel? I will wait for them to fix MOMS website as I don't feel

I do understand what you mean Terry. And I went on there this morning thinking it was safe cause I missed going on even when sometimes I can't go on because it makes me cry. I don't think I can keep on another site because I really don't have the money to do so, but if the memory-of.com site is down I might just do a month. but believe me I do understand and it's hard not be be able to go on it, I enjoyed doing the graphics during the holidays and updating his site like that, it made me feel like I was doing something for him, like when I go to the cemetary and put the holiday things down and all. Take care and let's pray that this virus thing gets taken care of soon.

God Bless
Timmy's mom