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Thank you Bobbie for your donation, it was very generous and will help keep MOMS website going. As we discussed hopefully we can start working on a foundation to help moms in need. Thank you again for inviting me to your event in April. Be sure and enter it on the calendar in case someone is in the area can attend. Thanks for all you do Bobbie, Billy Lee would be proud or should I say is proud because I am sure he is watching. Hopefully work will pick up and they will put me back on full time and I can finish up things I started like the t-shirts etc. One of the moms is making bracelets and you do the ribbons. I am going to try and get one of the little widget stores and we can sell items that we make or donate to raise money for moms that are in need of help with legal items. So anyone interested be thinking about what you can make and donate. Take care and send me the agenda for the event when you get it. I am going to make an event page and post pictures from events that moms send to me for instant from your event. So anyone that is having an event be sure and send me some of the pictures. There probably will be a lot of events going on in Aprl because of Crime Victims Week. We usually have a dinner, a walk and a garden of lights event all in April. Thanks again Bobbie

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I would be more than glad to make some mugs and donate them, need some ideas as to what to put on them.
Jim's Mom

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Shirley, just say it like it is....say it like it is. LOL

I am reordering bracelets when we get moved so should hopefully have the corrected ones by the end of April. Does anyone know anything about getting a bumper sticker?

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Debbie just wish it could have been more.I would
just like to see it grow.It has been a blessing
to me .Reading what all of us mom's are going tho.
It as helped keep me some what stay sane along with the grace of God.Thank you for this site.Hope memory of gets fixed.Ijust can't aford another web site at this time. May God be with each of us. Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

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Hello again, It's me Ricardos Mom. I can't donate any funds yet, but will as soon as I can. I JUST WANT TO SCREAM THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO DEB WILEY AND TO EVERY MOTHER ON THIS SITE. Even though I have not met any one of you, but Deb, I AM NO LONGER ALONE IN MY PAIN!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!