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parole date

I just got an email from my mother-in-law...Shawna has a parole date in May (she doesnt know the date yet). If she gets paroled she will get out sometime after June 30,2009. I really didn't need to hear this. What has become of our justice system.. How can someone kill a helpless unarmed individual and only do 5 years in prison..My son is dead...He won't get paroled..He won't come home to start his life over..He doesn't get a second chance...Why does she...She's a monster... If we write letters to the parole board it could change the outcome..but..Our family has dwindled down so much that there will only be a few letters...Probably not enough to make a difference...I'm so upset about this...I was already having bad days..Now this...It just makes matters worse...Anyway, I just wanted to keep you updated...Thank you, once again, for listening.

Re: parole date


You know we will write letters to the parole board, just get me the address and I will be glad to send mine off and I'm sure many other MOMS will do too!

And you are soo right in that our children don't get the chance to do anything again, yet these monsters are given chance after chance, it's just not right.

Hang in there girl and get me that address. Love you
Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: parole date

I would be happy to write a letter. I have never done anything like this, but would like to be involved with keeping monsters where they belong. Maybe could someone develop a template or something just to give me an idea of how to do this? We had a murder locally 2 weeks ago of a 13 yo girl by a man who spent 16 years for stabbing and burning body of girlfriend. After he killed the 13 yo it was discovered he killed at least 2 other people - one a 14 yo girl whose body was burned beyond recognition. This man should have never been let out of prison. You can check out the story in Cincinnati Ohio. It is absolutely appalling.

Re: parole date

Julie, you know that you have my letter and my husband will write one too. Where do we send them? You know we got your back sweetie. It is wrong for them to get out when we can never have our child back. Hugs to you.

Re: parole date

Maybe you could do something like a petition and then we call all sign it!!! I've seen the POMC do that, they send out petitions for people to sign. I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can.

With lots of love
Timmy's mom

Re: parole date

The POMC site has a section for parole letters and contesting the release. I can't get the site to load right now but you should check it out as I do believe they also have info on writing like as Jill suggested like a template of sorts. Also there is another site for online petitions that we found when we sign Jared's pettion that might be able to help.

If you would like to start your own free petition, you can do so here:



It is so wrong and Jill is right about the murderer in Ohio..it is horrendous...this animal is another example of someone who didn't fall through the cracks but a gaping hole.
Laura & AV

Re: parole date

Julie, That really sucks and I will be glad to write a letter or sign a petition. Just let me know. If you want me to write a letter plese send me the address. I agree that there is someting terribly wrong with our so called justice system. Keara's killer should have been kept in prison also but he was let out and killed Keara. It is so apalling and it just continues to happen.

Re: parole date

I think both letters and petitions are great but we were told by our DA that they put more consideration to a letter because a petition is just your name and maybe a phone number. If you can tell us where to write I will send the letter. I will sign a petition too, but if it is true they give more weight to letters I would like to send one as well.

Re: parole date

I would also be very glad to write a letter we just need the address.You also need to a few facts on the case her full name and a few other facts that we can base our reason to protest her release.
Vickie/Andre's mom

Re: parole date

We can all write a letter - maybe have a template that we change around for each person but has the same message why this person needs to stay in prison. I am up for it. I will check out POMC site for drafts of letters and get more people like my sister, mom, work friends to do also. I will type the letters and let them sign them!

Re: parole date

Sorry to hear that she will have the opportunity to walk free again.

It's hard to believe that the justice system in this country holds our children's lives so cheaply. They are more concerned for these killers then the victims. Dennis is out living on the street again, free to kill someone else's baby like it never happened. I'm still having trouble dealing with the Victim's Advacate office in West Virginia, "Kings Law", what a laugh. I'm getting a lawyer and sueing their asses off! Sorry, I'm so bitter.