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Re: Alternative Angel Sites

Laura & RV

Laura Thank you for the addresses ,but Ifor one
do not have the money for setting up another site.I
would like to keep this site of Debbie's going any
way I can .Each of the mom's have kept me going.Each
in there on way.Debbie has done something good. Let's get others to put there web site's up though
Debbie site ,as it will help keep this site going.Let's pray memory of get's this fixed.
May God be with each of us.

Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Alternative Angel Sites

Laura you can customize on last memories too. You can also add extra pages. I added one for Kaylin's poems and one for the poems written for and about her. So now I need to add the poems.

Laura can you and Shirley add the videos on her page that you made? For some reason when I try to embed the code from you tube it will not paste. I had this happen on memory of as well so I don't know what is up with that. I did send an email to ask if they could help me with that.
Bobbie if you do a permanent site you can put a donation button on your page. I don't know exactly how that works yet since I am waiting until I get my 503c approved but maybe it could be set up to collect dontions for MOMS. I know we are trying to set up a non profit in Kaylin's name and when we do I am adding that button. We are having her program set up to receive donations that will then be divided between the two groups that we belong to (MOMS and FDLFD) Just a thought. I just couldn't wait for memory of to get fixed. I am having withdrawal. When it is fixed, we will be back to two sites again.

Re: Alternative Angel Sites

Hey I was reading all your posts about different sites and stuff, I can't start a whole new one again it's just to painful to do. I really liked memory-of.com site because of the candles and the graphics you can add. I don't have extra money right now, but I do have another site for Timmy that I haven't really used as often. It was legacy.com They don't have as much different things you can do, but at the time I did Timmy's it was free and will be free for me permanently I think they now charge but it looks like it's 50% of the price right now. But here is Timmy's site :


Like I said you don't get much options of doing different things like different songs, but memory-of didn't work anyway LOL, but I like being able to add graphics for the holidays and light candles for just not Timmy but all our angels. So for now I'll be going to his legacy.com site until memory-of fixes their problems.

Timmy's mom

Re: Alternative Angel Sites

I do understand Bobbie. I would never leave memory of...it will always be in my heart and my favorite as the wonderful school Lisa attended selected that one and started it for her in the days that followed Lisa's death. Also I agree we need to support memory of for Debbie & the Moms and I offered the other sites only as supplements until Memory Of gets fixed. We are all missing our Angels, Candles, etc. and the communication we have had with other moms. We now have 3 sites (1 is free) for Lisa and have met different people on each site. We have met many of the AngelsOnline family (which we haven't joined yet) and I cannot say enough about those moms who are like ours so compassionate and understanding. They have a very large network and if you ask them for a candle request I guarantee you will get 20 candles in a blink--Just ask Barb!...most of them are all Memory Moms having more than one site for their Angels. We will always stand behind the Moms & Debbie but I must mention one thing: Memory-of has never notified its members of the technical issues which has led to many viruses and many lost computers which have crashed. Many moms have lost all their data...files, folders, photos...not to mention their hard drive which I feel can be replaced it is all the others that are gone forever because of their negligence. Gramma Rose's Angel Moms and I had been writing letters to find out what was going on weeks ago and they assured us everything was okay and still do despite the facts in front of us. That concerns me..their lack of concern for us. In this type of business you should be more aware of you customers.
In the meantime we did start a new site for Lisa, as a supplement, and it is in the initital stages:
Love ya all...Laura & AV

Thanks Kim I haven't totally explored everywhere yet but I will! There seems to be so much more to see and I did download my videos but not via the code but from a wmv file that I have saved in my computer...do you have the video in your computer or just on line? I know Shirley has hers in file form as she sent me the one more day one and I will be downloading that today on Lisa's site. Let me know.

Re: Alternative Angel Sites

Laura I had mine as codes only. You had to put it on memory of for me since I couldn't add there either. I don't know why I can't copy and paste from you tube. I hope they answer soon. :) I was able to add what I had saved that I made. If you get a moment can you add your MOMS to her video site for me? It is set so others can add things to it.

Shirley can you add the one more day and the birthday to her video page on last memories? If not it is ok I will keep trying but I would love to have them there.

That was my concern with memory-of. If Laura had not told me about the problems I would still not know. Seems to me that not informing your clients will only prolong getting the problem fixed. I was bothered by not being notified.

Re: Alternative Angel Sites

I don't see anywhere there is a place to add videos from a viewer stand point...just photos. I tried to send you the file but I think it was rejected. Let me know I can do it from here if you want or if you have an idea. Laura