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Another Friday the 13th

Why does it see like we have had so many this past year??? We just had one back in February!!! today marks the 20 month anniversay of Timmy's death. and that also was on a Friday the 13th.

I'm not having a good day at all today. Seems like there is just a blanket of bleekness surrounding everything.

I still can't believe it will be 2 years in just 4 months. Sigh......

Timmy's mom

Re: Another Friday the 13th

HI Bette,
Our thoughts are with you today. Just last night that same thought came to mind about 2 in a row..Melanie went to State College last night and we were a wreck her traveling on the highway..she went with NMBF (not my boyfreind..lol) until she called to tell us they had arrived. Because it was Thursday..the day Lisa was killed we couldn't help but get bad feelings. Then it dawned on us the next day would be of course would be this dreaded day and our thoughts immediately turned to you. Everytime we encountered these days, thoughts, concerns, fears,etc. we should write them down because I do believe it is times like this that should be included on impact statements. Everyone else in this world takes everything for granted and their life moves on in such merry way but it will never again for us. I believe they need to know what this does to moms who have lost their children to murder so perhaps they can one day maybe understand why "moving on" is so difficult for us. And how even the littlest things (to them) can absolutely devaste us, take our breath away and give us that feeling of our chest collapsing just at the thought. Just looking at Lisa's pictures and knowing there will never ever be any more of her and while all of us and our children will age our precious angels never will. Once again another example of how others will take it for granted but for us it will bring back all the pain when all we were trying to do was look at our beautiful angels. So while they are thinking that we are not "trying" and "dwelling" on the past they need to realize that it comes with the loss and will always be with us despite what they think. We are glad to hear that Joe will be home soon and be there for you. Love & Hugs...Laura & AV