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my impast statement

this is my impact stahardest thing that a parant has to go through, of trying to live without your child that was killed by a act of violence,cause by another person,i am the proud mother of hubert who was murdered at the young age of 19, hubert had his whole life plan'of finishing school ,going to collage ,geting married,and being a father one day,hubert alway keep a smile on his face ,he love to make you laught,he was so funny ,his heart was as big a his smile,hubert love sports .love music ,he played on his school foot ball team ,and the band , hubert will truly be missed by all who love him,he was not only a son but he was a big brother,he was a sole mate,and a good friend,his death touch so many people,on july 27 2007 ,hubert was murdered,our whole life has change ,eachday we are thinking of him,each birthday,everyholiday,every year of the anniversary of his death,hubert was one of a kind,a life that was cut to soon ,by a coward with a gun...hubert will never become a father ,or finish school ,or get married,craig you took all that from him by your actions,.............i am asking that you give us justice......please give hubert his justicetement