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National Crime Victims Week

Did you know that this is being held on April 26 thru May 5th? and I haven't seen anything about it for Philadelphia. Does anyone have anything going on in their city/state? I don't get why they call in National but I never hear anything about it. Just wondering.

Timmy's mom

Re: National Crime Victims Week

I tried to find anything going on for it in my area last year & there was nothing!!!! I am like you,I would think most cities would have something!
Vickie/Andre's mom

Re: National Crime Victims Week

I will check tomorrow to see if anything here. I guess this is one more thing we have to do. :(

Re: National Crime Victims Week

Mom's I just found out that there will be an event
in Nashville,Tnn.National Crime Victims Week.They
said they didn't where at ,At this time. Thought I
would pass it along. Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: National Crime Victims Week

Goodmorning Mom's my city of East St Louis,IL is /have been honoring NationalCrime Victims Week for the past 4 years it something to for each and everyone us to get invovled in because for 1 week our voices get media attention that we sometime may never get. So please call your local officals and asked that they honor our children because this is a federal fund program!!!!

Re: National Crime Victims Week

We live in West Virginia now, is there anything going on near us that we can participate in?