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Memory of Sites Caution

The sites are still not running very well and as suspected another intruder has gotten into the sites...disguised as Microsoft2010...this is a bogus antivirus AND SHOULD NOT BE DOWNLOADED UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES...Hopefully your virus protection will block any attempts from it to download on your computer. Visit the memory of sites with caution and if you know how to change your settings I would set them on High so that these malicious sites can't get through...

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Oh great i really wanted to update timmy's site for St. Paddy's day :(

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love ya
God Bless
Timmys mom

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Dear Laura/AV thanks for keeping us all updated as to the site.We will proceed with caution Love to you both

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Rose sent me another message this morning saying that every site she went on yesterday had a threat on it. She confirmed that by using a program from Norton...you might want to add this program to your favorites for future reference to keep checking the memory of sites or other sites you are not sure about. It is Norton Safe Web... https://safeweb.norton.com/
Take care and I will keep you updated...I know how you all feel I want so much to be able to be on LIsa's page...it is the first thing I do every time I am on the computer and then visit all our other angels but I don't want to lose everything (like we haven't already) on my computer. Take Care and Love to you all...Laura & AV

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Thanks for keeping us updated. I snuck on Kay's yesterday. It saddens me that someone would infect a memorial site. I guess just another slam for us. Something we all need to be able to do to cope and someone has to infect the site. Must be a defense attorney. ;) LOL

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Here are 2 emails I would like to share with all moms who are using Memory of for their memory sites...I used the Symantec.com to scan my computer but you need to diable your virus protection or pause the scanner when you are running the scan to be sure the info you receive is accurate...If you have any questions or reason to believe your computer might have been affected do not hestitate to call me or email me.

Good Morning,

Yes I would NOT go there if I were you ......Norton Symantec is showing 29 threats still ....I sent the link for the security threats already to Henry. He was to pass that along to his Techs. I feel really sorry for him, as this is not his fault. Hackers can get into anything and do as they please. They just happened to target Memory of this time. I have Norton 360 on my computer and the Trojan attacked it. When I then ran a scan ....from my own computer....it showed nothing. What you have to do is run a scan from an online free scanner. I did that and that is how I found out I WAS infected.....I use the term WAS ....but I zapped it.

You can go to:


Or you can go to


And run free scans there. You will probably have to disable your scanner on YOUR computer to do this

Then you will know for sure if you have a virus or not. Being that it attacks YOUR OWN virus program

I suggest you do this.

Also, to check out a website to see if they have any threats you may go to


There you will enter the URL ...such as www.memory-of.com

And you will see how many threats are on that site

I hope you find this information useful

I was on Norton since 11 this morning and just disconnected with them just a couple minutes ago. They had complete control over my computer and it cost me 100 bucks. But I wanted to be sure that I got rid of that Trojan and to make sure it wasn't in my root

I am clean like a whistle.

While I was on with them ...I had them check Mike's site well Memory of.com

I did ask how often they update the www.safeweb.Norton.com

She said regularly

It must have been updated when I had her go there and now it has 31 threats

She said to stay off of Memory of until you see that safeweb says so

This is very good information

Whoever goes back in there will get it over and over again ...until Memory of fixes it

If you would like to pass this email on ...please do so

At least I know I am clean and I did zap this Trojan /Virus how I should have


Re: Memory of Sites Caution

Wow, well I have the AVG free scan and it's on timer to run every morning so far I haven't seen anything plus I have the spybot that runs every weekend. I snuck on the other day and couldn't light any candles I think I was able to light one for Kim then the rest I couldn't do it, but I was able to get on timmy's for a little bit and added some St. Paddy's day things on his about page. But I'm also to afraid to go on there and lose everything, and it ****** me off because there are only a very few days I'm even up to going on anymore it just hurts to bad some days and now that I feel i am able to, I can't. UUUUGGGGHHHH

Hope they get it cleared up soon.


God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

I tried to get on the memory sites this morning to light candles but all I get is SERVICE UNAVALIBLE! Anyone know what the problem is?

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

The sites are still having software difficulties which can lead to vulnerability to viuruses which is the case with memory-of. It is still being listed as a dangerous site because of the malicious malware that has been downloading on unsuspecting visitors of our sites. Until they can get them running and free of any viruses Pat, Ricky's mom has passed along the following websites to look into..some are available for no charge...

Check them as they are all very nice sites and many angels have more than page and as you can see by what is going on that is not a bad thing!
Good Luck! Laura & AV

Re: Memory of Sites Caution


Three more that other moms have their angels on.

Re: Memory of Sites Caution


Re: Memory of Sites Caution

What does that mean that the memorial-of.com sites aren't going to be up and running again? Oh no I can't go and change this would be awful!!!

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

As of this morning the sites are still showing infections/vulnerability. In the meantime we discussed this in the chat room alternative sites and the trade-off between our withdrawl of being off the memory of to the challenge of starting over! I have visited all the sites Pat has forwarded and welcome anyone's personal experience with them to help the rest of us. I will say one thing after visiting them: WE WANT LISA ON ALL OF THEM EVENTUALLY! They are all nice and in NO WAY meant to replace our Memory Of but only to supplement. You will find a wide variety of people from each site and we have met many wonderful families. So by expanding our Angels to other pages I believe that will introduce us to other Angel Families..Gramma Rose...Angel Brittany Siefert.. is part of one of these larger networks...a very caring group. They are larger and more overwhelming but we have met many wonderful families through that network. In the next post I will list the sites and what I found and please let us know your info on those sites as well as I too suffer from MAD and miss things. Laura & AV

Re: Memory of Sites Caution

I am with Laura. I am still keeping my memory-of site but for now it is set to private to keep people hopefully from getting infected visiting her site. When it is fixed it will be back to public again. In the mean time I am doing one on Last Memories. It has been pretty easy. If I can do a site you know it has to be. :) I hope to eventually have her on every site I can. It may be slow since some are expensive. $300.00 for unlimited on that one Laura? WOW!!! That one will be way way way down the road. LOL