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For You Bette


Bette this will bring a tear to your eye but I hope a smile to your face and some happiness to your heart.
Love ya Lady
Big Jimz Mom

Re: For You Bette

Hi Shirley,
Very nicely done once again lady. Just as we are glad we found moms we are glad that you did too! Luv ya..Laura & AV

Re: For You Bette

Your right it did make me cry and I'm trying not to let it out cause I'm at work, what a beautiful wonderful video Shirley, I don't know how to thank you. Just even doing this for me, means a lot, makes me feel the care that all you mom's have given me, I miss that from a lot of the people in my life who think I should be ok now, and don't talk about Timmy. I talk about him anyway and if they don't like it they can leave. My one sister is the same way. She thinks I should be over this, they got his killers, I should be happy. but I'll never be happy, even if they never did arrest someone, I'd still feel the same way. I know it helps to know who, but really deep down, does it matter??? It won't bring him back to me, it won't heal my broken heart, it won't make me feel any better, just more bitter and hatred for those 2 guys.

But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this for me. I feel (unoh here comes the tears) that a lot of people have already forgotten him and you doing this for me, I know that if any, you mom's will never forget about my baby. Thanks so much and now I'm crying...

Love you all

Re: For You Bette

Shirley you make such beautiful videos. I loved it. It was so good. Bette, I cried at work with you. ;)

Re: For You Bette

This was so beautiful. I never heard that song and it really brought the tears. my precious Shirley, you always make me cry. Actually most of you do. But if we could only get them back. Dear God if we could only get them back. We all miss them so much.
Still crying

Re: For You Bette

wow!!!just beautiful!i am in tear's!!oh ms.shirley you did a great job!!i know ms.bette is full of joy that you did this for her,hug's!!