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Good Moring to ME!!!

Good Morning All:

Here's the news I got when I got up this morning and read the Kenosha News Online.

I am sooo angry right now I can't see straight, I called the DA's office and the Victim Advocate didn't know a thing about this, isn't that special.

Nothing has gone right in this case, first and foremost my child is not here and I have all I can do to come to grips with that and then this "justice" system just keeps playing games with me.

Thanks to all of you for your support, and as always my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

Sorry ladies for the redundent post, I didn't realize my daughter had this covered already. It quite scary as our posts are only minutes apart, boy do we think alike huh!

Love to u all
Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

So sorry Nanci, yes it's funny how you guys are on the same mindset huh??? Try and hang in there, yes it's always something isn't it, how justice for our babies constantly gets delayed one after the other. Just try and stay strong. You will be in my prayers.

God Bless
Timmy's mom

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

Dear Nanci Yes great minds think alike.Two posts from the Bestwick family in one day.Goes to show you how special you are.Again I can only keep this situation in prayer and pray that all goes right in the end which is what counts, Justice for Travis.Hang in there girls.Much love to you both Barb

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

Just read the article I am so sorry this is happening I think the judge was right to remove himself, but he should have thought before opening his mouth in the first place. His statement could give a reason for an appeal and you sure wouldn't want to go through that.
I do know how hard this all is and wish it was over for you and the POS was under the prison right where he belongs.
Love and Hugs
Jimz mom

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

It always seems like it is one thing after another doesn't it? I am so sorry Nanci.

Re: Good Moring to ME!!!

Hey Nanci,
Like you always tell me...Breathe, Breathe....Always remember it is the Criminal Justice System where they have all the rights...even the illegals never even earned any rights to start with. You are so right we don't belong in this world of blundering idiots and those who don't even have enough common sense or compassion to notify you of any changes before the media is notified. And they have the nerve to say we are in a state of disorganization when you lose a child well wth is their excuse?????? All of our love Laura & AV