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Travis's Court!!

Well my mom went on the Kenosha news this morning to do her daily checks and this is what she came upon.


So again nothing goes right for us! My mom's pretty upset!! Just wanted to ask all of you to pray for her as today isn't a good day for her..

Thank you guys from being there for my mom!!

hugs n loves..

Re: Travis's Court!!

Dear Nanci and Shawna I'm so sorry to hear about your news.Rather than jeoprodize the case I guess it is a good thing that he recused himself though.I also think that because the blood alcohol level was legal for driving that that meant he was in his right mind when he murdered Travis,so no getting off with impaired judgement as an excuse.Don't worry the state troopers have proved he did it intentionally and we will all pray that that is what continues as the DA's argument when you win.Many,Many Hugs to you and your family.God Bless Love Barb

Re: Travis's Court!!

Hey Kiddo,
You know we will always be here for you and your mom even when she pulls the computer from you and tells you my computer...my friends...you still have a phone number....All of our love...Laura & AV

Re: Travis's Court!!

BIG BIG HUGS FOR YOU AND YOUR MOM, It's times like these I was glad I had a back porch in the woods to scream off of.