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Nicky's 26th Birthday

Dear Moms Well today is a bittersweet day for me as it is Nicky's 26th birthday and his first birthday in heaven.I went on everyone's site to light a candle today and the message was simple Fear not:for I have redeemed thee,I have called thee by thy name;thou art Mine. Isaiah 43:1 I rewrote it on here to let you know that that is what will be read today at the cemetary and also for the MOMS whose sites I had trouble with lighting a candle.I love you all dearly and appreciate the many candles that were already lit for Nicky.I pray that God will continue to give me strength as well as you all with this heart wrenching pain.Below I would like to share the poem I wrote which will also be read today God Bless all of you and a special thank you to Laura and Vicki for their tireless efforts at helping me with Nicky's site.Please stop by it and see what a beautiful job they have done in helping me.Love to all

It was love at first sight on the day of your birth
This gift I was given,I could never measure it's worth
When you looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes
The bond was forever;Our eternal tie.

A mother's love for her child is endless you see
It's no longer about I,but rather about we
Sacrifices,decisions,trying to teach right from wrong
The way's not always pleasant and the road is long

I watched you laugh and play as taller you grew
Hiding these things in my heart,if I only knew
Time would sneak up on me suddenly,yesterday slipped from my hand
And replaced my beuatiful child with a handsome young man

One that taught me that I had done something right
Who loved from the heart with all of his might
So today my son,I send you my love and blessings
Enjoy your day up in heaven with your Saviour and King

Love always and forever MOMMY xxxxxxxxxxoooooooo

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

Barb, I'm sending you a big cyber((((((((hug))))))))

I wish I could do more. Nicky is watching down on you and he is very proud. You are amazing person and know that you are truly loved. Today is a hard day I know I think the anticipation of the day is the worst. I'm sending all my love and prayers to Nicky to watch over you. I love your poem, it brought tears to my eyes. Just know you are not alone. We are all here for you on just not this day, but any day that you need us.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Nicky, May God keep you safe and wrap your angel wings around your wonderful mom, she is so strong and loving, but today will be hard for her, let her know that you are with her always, forever in her heart and sweet memories.

God Bless you Barb and your family and may God keep your strong.

With luv
Timmy's mom

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

The poem rings so true, Nicky will be partying with all of our Angels tonight lots of cake and fun.
Bette is so right on about you, you are a strong lady and always there for the rest of us, always remember we are here for you too.
Love and Hugs
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

What a beautiful poem...despite how sick you were when you finished writing this...I know who the driving force behind this was...your Beautiful Baby Boy and that is who helped with your page and Our LiL Wheezie...she too is a good helper you know..lol. Thank you for the most heartfelt candle that you shared with all our angels on your precious Nicky's day and your devotion...lighting endless candles for our angels despite the pain from your own loss. Everytime I hear the song "Til I Make it on My Own"...Lord you know I am gonna need a friend..brings tears to me eyes not just because of the reason we were brought together but because how much you mean to us as all the moms do while we are traveling down this lonely and so painful road. Love & Hugs...Laura & AV

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

What a beautiful poem, with Nicky by your side you truly are capable of anything. Thank you for your words of inspiration, we all know I need them.

I am soo happy that you, with Laura and AV's help were able to do all you wanted to on Nicky's site, my computer is having issues pulling it up right now, but once I get home I'll be sure to take a look.

As you know, my thoughts are and prayers are with you, your family and of coarse Nicky today and always.


Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

What a beautiful, beautiful poem, a beatiful tribute to your beautiful, wonderful son.
We all know what you are going through and remember our love and prayers are there to wrap you in it's warmth and protection.
In love and light and loss

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

Barb, The poem was lovely and I know that Nicky is so proud of you. You are an amazing woman who lifts us all. I know today was a hard day for you and I pray that you felt Nicky with you all day. Love to you.

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

Dear Moms Many Many thanks to all of you for your kind and caring messages and tributes to Nicky on his birthday.You all certainly helped to ease the pain I was going through and as Nicky would say "you're the BEST" Much love to all of you love Barb

Re: Nicky's 26th Birthday

happy b day nicky love and hugs