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hi moms [just updating]

hi moms i want to thank all the moms who sent their regards to me and my family well i have two angels on my shoulders now and wow i miss both like no tommorrow my son and my oldest brother my family broke apart that day after my brothers memorial and it has been strained ever since but i am taking care of my 86yr old mom who suffers from alzhiemers and dementia and i have no help from my other siblings and i also take care of my 15yr old with autism but i wont complain because the lord is guiding me on this journey and it will be okay i keep telling myself i just worry who has my back if i get sick. but that too is another issue well moms just came to update on where i am at on this journey still after this long time one defendant in the case the second guy who drove the animal that killed ernest he will be sentenced next month i hope it was suppose to be on the 6th of this month but i dont know what happen prosecutor is hard to catch up with he will call me before the sentencing for sure it makes me sick to my stomach to know that this a-- is still stringing the system along he wants mercy since he did no shooting but he drove and he also had a gun so his intentions were the same. once he is put away for life then i will be at peace and i can continue to greive for my baby boy ernest i miss him it is so surreal that he is gone wow and to not see a brother who i would see everyday hurts so much i thought he would never leave from me he was like another mom when i was growing up because we are 10yrs apart and he allways followed me and my kids everybody loved him well i will chat with you guys soon much love to u all love cheryl.

Re: hi moms [just updating]

Thanks for the update we all like to hear what is happening with other moms going through the trial stage of this journey. You are right you will have some peace when this creep is also in prison for life. You are a very strong lady and you have your two angels right beside you.
Love and Hugs
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Re: hi moms [just updating]

Dear Cheryl I'm so sorry I didn't know about your brother.He sounded special.Continue to let the Lord guide you,you will find light at the end of that dark tunnel.You've got it pretty rough girl and alot on your plate.Try to look into some organizations that can give you some relief and down time for yourself.I will be praying for you and your family,I hope that helps in some small way.I hope you find peace and comfort when this sentencing is over.God Bless and many many hugs to you Love Barb