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True Story

My sister Sherry is a drug and alcohol counselor at a rehab called Ford Street Project, yesterday one of her clients went for a walk he stopped to buy some cigars when he came out of the store he saw a homeless guy and gave him his last dollar then continued his walk. On his way back he saw an older lady who was crying and looking very lost, he asked her if she needed help she replied, “God told me to drive here to find my son, I haven’t seen him for 11 and ½ years.” Well the guy thought she might be a little crazy but told her where she could go to for help and then went on his way. He felt someone grab him by the arm it was the older lady she said “ God told me to come here to find my son.” Then she said “God told me you would help me.” He told her he couldn’t go help her look because he had to get back and that if he went any place other than where he was suppose to he would get in trouble. But she kept insisting telling him God told her that he would help her. Well she headed down the street to a bridge under which a bunch of homeless guys live and this guy thought oh crap I can’t let her go there by herself. So he caught up to her and tried to explain that she just couldn’t go down under that bridge but she said my son may be there. To satisfy her he asked “What is your son’s name?” She said “Jason” so the guy hollered out for Jason then got a reply from a guy under the bridge “I’m Jason now be quiet I’m trying to sleep.” Well with that the lady started to go down to the creek, the guy said “Lady you can’t go down there.” But there was no stopping her so he told her to wait while he got a flash light and he would take her. Well they got down to where the guy was but he wouldn’t come out so this lady spent the night in her pick up truck right there by the bridge. The next morning she drove back to the Ford Street Project with the guy who had been under the bridge he was all cleaned up, with new clothes and all she tried to give the guy who had helped her money he told her to keep her money. The guy from under the bridge WAS her son also WAS the same guy my sister’s client had given the dollar to. This woman had driven from a town called Redding about 5 hours away because she said God told her this would be where she would find her son.
Thought I would share this with you all.
Hugs Shirley

Re: True Story

Thank you for sharing this, it confirms what I always thought.God is good and works in mysterious ways.

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Re: True Story

Thank God she listened and didn't question. I question too much.:( What a truly uplifting story.

Re: True Story

Dear Shirley Great story,I shared it with my friends from work.How happy that mother must be.Thank you Jesus for prayer answered.That client must be on cloud 9 that he was able to help someone in their time of need.Your sister must be proud to know him.Love always thanks again for sharing.Barb

Re: True Story

I wonder if God talks to me? You know me, I think I'm queen and listen to nobody. My gosh, what if he told me something important and I didn't obey him cause I thought the voices were talking to me again.
Oh me!
Shirley, I liked the story.