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Just checking in

Just letting you all know that we made it through the ice storm. Power is back on in town but it looks like we won't get ours back for a possible two weeks, yuck. It actually looks worse here than when the tornado hit us last years. We have six power poles down on our road alone and we are not top priority by any means.
So know that I am thinking about all of you and your babies and I will be back on line when I come to work.
My thoughts and prayers to all of you I miss the chats.
Love Kayt, Wes's mom

Re: Just checking in

Here you are with an ice storm and here in Ca. we are having record breaking HI temps. Go figure, if we don't get some rain soon we will be on water restrictions again this summer. I will have to sneek out at night to water Jim's Garden.
Hope your power is back on soon.
Jim's Mom

Re: Just checking in

Dear Kayt
So that's where you've been.I'm glad you checked in gotta keep track of all our Moms and their wherabouts.We only lost power for like 2 hrs one day and I went nuts.Do you have any power and is your job also on power outage? I haven't been on chat lately so I didn't know.Well, I'll be praying you get power soon.Thanks for thinking of us and our angels in your time of distress.Tell Wes to lend you some of the light from his candles.LOL Barb

Re: Just checking in

I figured that was the deal!! I remember the ice storms in Arkansas. I remember one when some of the stupid men including my ex tried to drive into town and Hallie , BJ"s husband ran off the road. It was so icy that he coulsn't walk so had to crawl on the road to the truck. I am glad to hear from you and sorry about the power situation.

Re: Just checking in

We are still without power but at least I have the shelter to escape to( really no pun intended) I hope to be in the chat room tomarrow night. Miss you all, thank you so much for lighting candles for Wes.

Re: Just checking in


Glad to hear you are ok, and i hope your power resumes soon, we miss you.

Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Just checking in

We have power

Re: Just checking in

Yahoo!!! :)

We got some snow about 8" near the airport but more like 5" near me. What a mess, going home in it and coming back to work today!

Glad we didn't have any power failures though!