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Turn me over--I'm done!

Well, finally got the response from the Victims Fund in WV, seems that since Randy was "breaking into Dennis' home" his abandoned car, he was committing a crime so they're not giving us any help with his burial bills. They sent me a letter that just lets them off the hook. If they had read the transcript of the trial, Dennis said there was no way Randy or his girlfriend could have known he was there cause he was under his sleeping bag and pretty much hidden and there was plastic on the window too.

They let a kid go there last week not guilty, he hit a man and drug him down the street under his car during a shoot out.

I'm pretty fried out. Been on the grief roller coaster again and feel totally burned out. I don't think it's ever going to get better.

Sorry to unload like this but I'm pretty chewed up.

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

I just cannot believe the Victims Fund, don't know what state you are in for me it took a year but I was reimbursed for Jimmy's funeral bills and all the hospital bills, ambulance and what ever else was paid by the Victims of Violent Crimes here in CA. Also California is saying we will get IOUs instead of income tax returns! Go figure!!
I am so sorry this is happening to you nothing like pouring salt into an open wound.
Sending you a BIG HUG.
Jim's Mom

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

I worry about that so much too. It isn't right. Can you appeal based on what the transcripts say?
Shirley I am hopeful that since I live in the same state as you that we may get it so we can get her headstone and pay off the funeral expenses.
I work for the State and I hear that my pay check may be an I O U. :(

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Thanks for the encouragement. Shirley, that's exactly what it feels like, it's just another rub to the wound. I live in Illinois, he was traveling from Ohio through West Virginia. What a backwards place that is! From what I've heard, they tend to let violent/guilty people go all the time.

So not only have I lost my boy, now he's the criminal in all of this! It's all his fault according to them. I remember the verdict, the judge, prosecutor and everyone in the room was in shock. I guess it's just time to let it all go and move away from that whole system. Although I'm going to sue the place where it happened and the city, and if I can, now the state!

Thanks again for your support!

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

That's just terrible! I'd sue them to for wrongful death. I want to do that but my advocate told me that i might have ahard time for an atty. cause they don't "own" anything. But it's more the principal than anything else. You have 2 years from the DOD to do this, this I know.

I would try and fight that based on the transcripts. If anything, give them a run for their "money"

Best wishes to you always
Timmys mom

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Thanks for the encouragement Bette. The police department there had cleared out a tent-city and the area that this happened was next to that field. There's a bar/grill there where it happened and the city and them share the parking lot. The whole thing is, there were 4 or 5 junk cars left in that lot at the time. That's why he didn't think it was wrong to open the doors up and look for a lighter. Seems the owner gave the guy permission to stay in his car and watch over the place for him, call the cops if someone is breaking in or something. That alone gives me the in to sue the crap out of all of them. They cleared some but not all the people, it was their job and if they had done it right, the POS wouldn't have even been there.

I'm going back there in the spring and find a good lawyer there, nobody here will take it cause it crosses state lines, and really give them he//! The money will go to his 2yr old. If there is enough, I'll split it with my other 4 kids cause Randy was like that, if he had a dollar, he gave away 75 cents of it he always worried about the others and their families.

He was a great guy and always helped people, funny thing is, he and his girlfriend used to help out the homeless people with food and stuff!

At least I know he's ok now, we contacted him through a friend and he says its beautiful there he can fly and he's very happy. Says its like someone just washed the stress and everything away from him. It still hurts, but it's nice to know he's ok.

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Donna it is good you heard from him.
Just be careful about the time limit. Don't let it get away from you. I am so very sorry that the VICTIM"S compensation seemed to act more like the CRIMINAL compensation. It just makes me sick. Who started them anyway? I cannot believe this was was what they had in mind for that program.

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Dear Moms
Anyone into a class action suit against crime compensation people?They are probably covered under some law that would be hard to reach.At a time where there should be some compassion and caring and seeing MY and MY Families tax dollars go to good use,the country would rather spend millions and millions of dollars watching cows poop, and trying to make their disposal benefit the country.Nice priority huh? I too would like to bring a civil suit against the pos's that murdered Nicky even if they say they don't have any money (which is a laugh because they have the top 3rd defense lawyer in Phila where did that money come from?) I want whatever commissary money they get sent or job they may get paid for as a prisoner etc.Let them live out their life without all the extras.Bette where did you hear about the 2 yr thing? Most cases don't get heard for like a yr after DOD,so where did they come up with that time frame?Nicky will be dead 1 yr March 31st and they are telling me that it will be a yr from then so it may be over the 2yr limit. I'm so sorry Donna that you got thrown a double whammie,It is a disgrace that they portrayed Randy that way.I just don't get it at all. Please someone tell me how people can live with the decisions they make? I wish all the moms who in the past didn't get the money to bury their children through the Crime compensation fund would post on here with their story about why they were turned down BEFORE their child's case was tried,I just don't know how decisions can be made before trial.Oh well sorry everyone I thought I was over this but obviously I'm not. Here's a verse for today :
The Lord Jesus Christ said,
Let not your heart be troubled:
ye believe in God,
believe also in Me
Peace I leave with you,My peace
I give unto you:
not as the world giveth,
give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.
John 14:1,27
God Bless you all Love Barb

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

I'm supposed to reply to them, they actually sent me a form to fill out that asks if I agree/disagree! What do they think I'm going to say? It's like applying for welfare for crying out loud! These agencies were started with the best of intensions, to help victims recover loses and help get back on their feet after being involved with some POS, that has probably reeked havic on their lives. You get it, US! They said they weren't sure from the reports and the transcript what he had been doing earlier in the day. What does it matter! He was sleeping before this getting ready to travel 600 miles straight through! His lights went out and they wanted to wait till dawn so they pulled over.

I have decided to wait a week or maybe t2 before responding to this moron. I'm so hurt I'm almost ready to tell them where to put the check, but it's really needed now (as we all know how much these things cost and what it takes to get through them).

Sorry, raving again. I haven't had to take the anti-depressants for over a month, but I'm off work tomorrow so it's time to take one before bed tonight. Thanks for all your help and support.

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Barb, the best I can figure out is that they are just another government agency that makes you beg for what should be offered outright. It should also be given "before" court not after. I think they drag these things out so they can find some reason not to pay out. I know Randy's report said he had smoked some pot (stupid) during the last 72 hrs but not enough that it showed up as much of anything and I think they are going to use that to deny giving us the help. What a bunch of crap! It just goes to show, 1. don't defend yourself if someone is trying to kill you, it will make you the bad guy, 2. don't have a drink, smoke or do anything else in your life, it may make you guilty of having someone else kill you, 3. have a lot of money so if you are guilty, you can skate out of it, 4. be homeless if you want, be a drain on life cause your become some bleeding hearts cause of the week and aren't responsible for what you do- - "it's not your fault" . I used to have so much faith and hope in life, but not anymore. Doesn't matter if you are a good person or not, the POS' out there seem to rule the world.

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

They wait til court is over to decide? Why? What does that have to do with the fact they were murdered? Did they ask to die? Did they say, "Hey you would you mind killing me after I smoke this joint?" This whole program is sad if that is what they do. Our children DIED. They DID NOT ask for this and to be victimized over and over is not right. When does it end?

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Dear Donna,Although I feel as you do,I won't throw my hands up and say you win to any of them.They and I mean the system as well as the pos's that took my son from me, have to answer to a much higher authority than any court we have here on earth.They will never take my faith from me,they have taken enough already.Stay strong in the Lord he won't disappoint you,He will never leave you or forsake you,even when you feel He has.This is His promise,and I hold on to that.Many Many hugs your way God Bless Barb

Re: Turn me over--I'm done!

Donna. You need to go online and look up the laws that was passed for the victims. one of them is to do with a law Regan passed. I read if the victims (and this has a long list) we treated unfairly and not by the laws that was passed. They can sue the justice system. you need to do your research and I really do believe you will find the one I am talking about. At one time we had no rights at all and at times I think we still don't. But it is because alot of us did not know about the laws to do with our rights. So good luck and i hope everything turns out good for you. my prayers and thoughts are with you.