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Travis' Memorial Video

As some you may or may not know, my son Travis was an avid street car racer, in his younger years him, his sister Shawna and friends spent many a night racing cars on the street, just to keep me on my toes. Several years ago, he focused more on racing at the local dragstrip as well ones in IN, MI, MO, and FL. Racing his green machine was his passion.

After his death, his friends and Chitown Racing Family honored him at the track, below is a link of the video that was taken to honor him that night.


If I was able, I would have edited some of the language out, but I wasn't and I really wanted you MOMS to meet my boy, thru what he loved RACING!

I hope it doesn't offend any of you and I hope you get a feel for the son I love and miss dearly.

You have all been a great help to me through these horrible times and for that I thank you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I hope someday we all find comfort with our angels.

Love you all
Nanci/Travis' Mom

Re: Travis' Memorial Video

Nanci, that was so great...its awesome to see how very many friends he had and for them to hold such a great vigil for him...thank you for sharing it

Re: Travis' Memorial Video

Nanci, it is so mice to see something that Travis loved so much. What a tribute to him.

Re: Travis' Memorial Video

Travis is a great guy it shows by the crowd of people.
No problem with the language he sounds like he and my Jim have about the same type of personalitys. Bet they are having a blast in Heaven together.
Gotta love 'em
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Travis' Memorial Video

Dear Nanci
It must be a great comfort to know that Travis's friends cared so much for him.Look's like a great bunch of guys.Nicccce car.Lime green is one of my favorite colors that's why I already have a shirt ready for his court date.Lots of love and hugs to you and your family.God Bless Barb

Re: Travis' Memorial Video

Awesome video Mom & Shawna...thanks so much for sharing with us! We are just one step closer to seeing who the real Nanci is now...lol. That is definitely a great video to have to shown how important Travis was to everyone not just your family and the impact he had. Wonder where he got that from??? Take care and as always all of our love and big hugs!!!!!Laura & AV